Need to boost your confidence and beef up your public speaking skills?

Twice a year, I present two-day public speaking training programs open to the general public.

Here’s what’s coming up!

SkyGrabber Speaker Summit: 2-Day Presentation Skills Deep Dive!

A two-day public workshop designed to let you take a deep dive into nuts and bolts do’s and don’ts practices for exceptional, masterful, public speaking.

When:  Saturday and Sunday, March 24-25, 2018. 9am-5pm.

Where: ZingTrain’s spacious, cheerful, state-of-the art training space in Ann Arbor, MI

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Whether you’re conveying crucial information, or sharing a big idea with a client, a prospect, or to your colleagues, the pressure to present in a clear, confident and engaging manner is undeniable.

You might wonder:

“How do I make my presentations more interesting, relatable and persuasive?
“How do I convey facts and data in a way that keeps everyone engaged?”
“How can I make my Power Point slides work for and not against me?
“How can I manage the performance anxiety that can make me stumble or keep me from
delivering at full capacity?”
“What’s the best way to prepare and rehearse my presentation so I can feel relaxed and ready?”

This highly interactive two-day deep dive will answer those questions and more, giving you the tools you need to prepare and deliver effective, impactful pitches and presentations with more
confidence and clarity. Through hands-on practice, you’ll learn theatre-based presentation techniques that will help ignite what I call your Transformational Presence, so you can bring your most genuine and engaging self to the speaking platform.

You’ll need to come armed with a prepared presentation of no more than ten minutes in lengt

The workshop is limited to 12 people, so that you can get as much individual attention as possible.
You’ll learn in the manner way I was taught as an actress: Through a combination of discussion, demonstration, and individual, paired, and group interactive exercises—on your feet as much as possible!

Day One: The Foundations of Presentation Excellence

  • The fundamentals of Transformational Presence (The Five Presence Principles— Know Thy-self, Be Thyself, Prepare Thyself, Commit Thyself, Turn Thyself on so you can Turn Others On))
  • Taming the Fear Factor— preparation techniques to minimize presentation anxiety and bolster confidence.
  • Right Speaking and Right Listening techniques for optimum communication
  • “We’re Going to Disneyland!”— presentation basics for maximum audience engagement
  • The Fishbone Formula—A simple, modular approach to structuring your presentations
  • Taming the Power Point Monster—how to give slide presentations that work for– not against– you.

Day Two: Putting the Principles Into Practice

This day is devoted to getting you on your feet in front of your classmates, while you deliver a 5-10 minute presentation prepared for the occasion. I’ll be critiquing your performance, helping you appreciate and build on your strengths, and giving you tools to minimize limiting behaviors.

You’ll learn The Four Questions— a system of self-evaluation to help you continuously develop your speaking skills in a positive, focused manner.

Each attendee will receive:

  • A videotaped recording of their presentation.
  • A comprehensive 91-page interactive workbook supporting their experience
  • A “Breathe” wristband and companion Let Go of the Armor! Breathing and Relaxation Exercise mp3
  • One 30-minute follow up consultation via phone or SKYPE with Eleni Kelakos
  • Snacks and lunch are included—and we’re talking about the yummy deliciousness of food provided by Ann Arbor’s famed Zingerman’s Deli!

Your investment:

$997 by February 23, 2018
$1,227 by March 16th, 2018

Registration limited to 12 people!

Register NOW!

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Thank you again for a wonderful Think Like an Actor, Speak Like a Pro session this morning. It was not only incredibly useful and helpful for our staff, it was great fun. People could not stop talking about it all afternoon. I have had so much positive feedback, I hope we can take advantage of your great talents more in the future!

Shanna Draheim Senior Consultant, Public Sector Consultants, Lansing, MI July 19, 2016

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