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“Hey, Eleni! Where’s your music?

You’ll find my TOUCH THE SKY CD here. And If you’re looking to purchase I WILL FLY, TO THE BONE, and WHERE I COME FROM, the CDs that put me on the map as a nationally touring singer and songwriter, visit. Eleni Kelakos on CD Baby.

Claim the Stage! A Woman’s Guide to Speaking Up, Standing Out, and Taking Leadership

Paperback book—161 pages

Whether you want to step onto larger stages, or share your voice more in meetings or conversations, one thing is certain:  Your voice cannot be heard if you choose to silence it. Now is the time for you to claim the stage and step fully into the spotlight as a woman and leader, so you can share your gifts, wisdom and perspective with others.

Through her seven-phase Claim the Stage™  Cycle, you’ll learn tools and techniques to help amp up your confidence, steady your resolve (and your nerves), and prepare you to shine in the spotlight moments that can define your life and your career.

“Sharing wisdom and strategies from her deep experience as an educator and performer, author Eleni Kelakos guides and inspires us to find the courage to step into the spotlight and share who we are and what we know. Compelling, meaty, and inspiring!”

--Vanessa Emerson, Founder, Dental Speaker Institute

“When it comes to helping women show up as their best selves, there’s no one better than Eleni Kelakos. Working with Eleni took my speaking career from ‘good enough’ to award-winning. So, if you’re looking for concrete strategies to demonstrate presence and influence with authenticity, you need this book.”

--Cynthia Barnes, Founder and CEO, National Association of Women Sales Professionals

“Claim the Stage provides step-by-step strategies to find your way into your personal leadership. It is a treasure box of practical tips, offering the master key to unlocking the leader in you.”

--Agapi Stassinopolous, Author of Wake Up To The Joy In You: 52 Meditations for a Happier Life

Transformational Presence Self-Study Program

Maybe you've been thinking "I’m ready to bump up my ability to speak in public!"

Or maybe you've been thinking "If I can get a handle on my performance anxiety, I could be of greater influence at work or in the world."

Or maybe you've even been thinking "I've always wanted to coach with Eleni Kelakos, but I'm just not quite ready to come up with the time or the funds I need to invest in her longer coaching programs."

If any of those thoughts sound like yours, The Transformational Presence Self-Study Program is for you!


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Touch the Sky: Find Your Voice, Speak Your Truth, Make Your Mark

Paperback book--210 pages

"You've been thinking about making a change. Maybe it's a career change, a relationship change, or just a change in how you treat yourself. Things are going okay, but you've got a nagging feeling things could be better. When's the last time you stopped to think about what gets you really excited? About what you're supposed to do in life? About how you can positively influence others or create a greater impact with your time, talents and abilities? Eleni Kelakos has been where you are. She understands what it feels to want your life and work to reflect who you really are. She knows how great life can be when you become the person you were born to be. Give yourself permission to be everything you can be and to stop playing small. There's only one you, and you're the only one who can provide exactly what you have to offer. Stop sitting on life's sidelines. Get this book and read it. Don't put it on the shelf. Instead, savor the insights Eleni offers, then use them. Life awaits. Let your heart sing, and Touch the Sky!"


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30 Days and 30 Ways to Touch the Sky!

A Journal with Motivational Musing by Eleni Kelakos

Includes CD of Eleni's song, TOUCH THE SKY!

Change a habit that is holding you back and create a new habit that will move you forward with this convenient, spiral-bound 30 day journal. Start your day by reading a motivational musing designed to get you to you to think, feel and take new action. Then, fill the journal's blank pages with your own musings, or simply document the daily steps you are taking to be everything you can be! Complete with an audio CD of Eleni's song, TOUCH THE SKY and separate karaoke-style tracks so you can sing along!


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Touch the SKY! Songs to Inspire, Uplift & Empower (Audio CD)

With 10 songs from the Touch the Sky Keynote program, including Hope Begins with Me, Everyday Healers, Touch the Sky and Bernie, the High Flying Granny.


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