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My company, The Eleni Group (formerly known as SPEEK and part of Eleni Kelakos Enterprises) has been in operation since I officially hung up my shingle as a presentation skills coach and trainer back in 2003.  I’ve coached hundreds of individuals from CEOs of large corporations to solo-preneurs, spoken to countless groups and associations, written several books, and generally carved out a niche for myself as not only a presence and presentation expert, but as a passionate advocate for the development of human potential.

I started my business just after coming off the road as a nationally touring singer-songwriter, having written and recorded several well-received CDs of original songs.  Prior to that, I’d spent years as a professional actress in New York and Los Angeles, learning how to show up, speak up and step up genuinely and thoroughly in auditions and performances so I could use my own gifts and abilities to advantage.

The work I do reflects my passionate belief that –metaphorically speaking—like everyone, you have a song worth singing…a purpose, tailor-made for us, with talents and abilities to match. I also believe you’re meant to develop and share that song (your big idea, your talents, your unique message) to the best of your abilities, in spite of limiting beliefs and behaviors that can make you play small when people are watching. Because keeping your song to yourself doesn’t serve you, your customers, or your world.

Sharing techniques to help you to overcome your limiting beliefs, amping up your Transformational Presence, and helping you create and deliver a clear, compelling message around your product, service or big idea is my way of supporting the song in you and helping you share it with the world.

What’s it like to work with me?

Well, I’ll let a couple of clients describe it:

“…In depth, thoughtful, strength-based support to take your public speaking to the next level … using the gifts and skills you already have. Eleni doesn’t ask you to become someone you aren’t … she helps you grow to your full you. Lively. Fun. Informative. Affirming. Dynamic.”

Aimee Sterk
Program Manager, Michigan Disability Rights Coalition

“… a warm, supportive guided tour of self-discovery… Each encounter leaves me stronger, more confident and more of who I innately am. When I am stuck, when I am scared to present or share my heartfelt work, I hear Eleni’s voice encouraging me…I am more “me” because of Eleni…”

Karen Andrews
Chief Development Officer, McKinley, Inc.

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Eleni did a terrific job presenting her TOUCH THE SKY keynote at meeting of Donor Recruitment Representatives from Ohio, Michigan and Indiana. I asked her to tie-together two long days of training for them in an instructive and entertaining fashion, and she certainly did. All of us were especially impressed by the amount of work she did to understand our “business” and create a presentation tailored just for us. Our work at the Red Cross requires us to have sufficient blood products every day of the year for Michigan’s hospital patients, and Eleni absolutely nailed what we should, and can do to achieve our goal. I watched our staff listen to Eleni’s stories, enjoy her songs and fully participate in her entire presentation. After the presentation, their reviews included comments like: “She made me look at challenges in a new way”...”I can see more ownership possibilities in myself that will result in better job performance”...”I think I’m a better recruiter because she clearly reminded me of the importance of what I do in my job.” Eleni is a motivational, entertaining, dynamic and engaging speaker who is guaranteed to provide a truly outstanding presentation.

Sharon L. Jaksa CEO, American Red Cross, Great Lakes Blood Services Region July 19, 2016

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