Honoring your needs and goals so that you are thoroughly satisfied is my mission. And no one advocates better for me than the clients I serve!

Presentation Skills Coaching

Yale Zhang / SpLtz

Your coaching is the gift that keeps on giving!

Yale Zhang SpLtz

Kim Gottschalk / ShutterBooth

My presentation could not have gone better! Honestly, I feel like I gave the speech of my life. When I was done, I received a standing ovation. Never has that happened before and it wouldn't have happened without your help! You were right: I truly enjoyed every moment of being on stage telling my story and encouraging others. When I was finished, I had a line of people who wanted to talk to me and thank me. I was told throughout the day that I had put on the best presentation at the conference and people were thanking me and telling me how I inspired them. What an amazing feeling! I really think I would enjoy doing a lot more of this. Thank you again for all of your help and encouragement!

Kim Gottschalk CEO ShutterBooth

Derrin Leppek / MCC

I was part of a hi-tech startup and was told by more than one person that my skills in pitching were less than adequate. Pitching the business to investors and potential customers was critical to our success. I was fortunate to take Eleni’s Presentation Skills workshop. Using her methods, I saw almost immediate success. I started performing better in pitch competitions; I won the best of Ann Arbor SPARK Boot Camp, and came in 2nd place at a clean tech conference in Chicago in front of 250 people. And best of all we raised $1.5M for our startup within 9 months. This training changed my life. Now, as the Director for the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Macomb Community College, I often speak in front of large numbers and students, community leaders, executives, and entrepreneurs. I do so with a confidence, ease and poise that I didn’t have before. Thank you Eleni.

Derrin Leppek Director / Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, MCC

Mike Kotsis / Certified EOS Implementer

Eleni worked with me in a one-on-one custom coaching setting. She helped me tremendously with crafting more of "me" into my presentation. I already had the content down cold. My challenge was how to tell "my story" in a compelling, emotional, and genuine way that would captivate the audience and get them hooked right away. Eleni helped me to figure out what part of "my story" to tell, and most importantly "how to tell it". I am grateful for all of her help and definitely recommend working with Eleni for help with crafting personal stories in your presentation!

Mike Kotsis Certified EOS Implementer

Alice Morgan / Doyle Research Associates, Inc.

Eleni Kelakos is a gifted public speaking coach. She is enthusiastic, supportive, and smart as a whip. I hired Eleni to help me prepare for a high-profile talk at a large professional conference. Eleni provided specific, actionable feedback. I incorporated her suggestions, and practiced. And in the end, I nailed it! My presentation was a big hit. I am so glad I hired Eleni and recommend her to anyone who wants to improve their public speaking skills.

Alice Morgan Senior Research Consultant, Doyle Research Associates, Inc., Chicago, IL

Karen Himmelspach / E-Learning Course Designer and Developer

Eleni led me through her ‘Transformational Presence’ one-on-one program over a year ago, and it continues to change my life in the deepest, most positive way. She helped me realize and address my core issues, which not only applies to giving presentations, but to all areas of life. Now I just say my ‘one word’ before a presentation, and I am relaxed, laughing, and ready to deliver with enthusiasm! I highly recommend spending time with Eleni.

Karen Himmelspach E-Learning Course Designer and Developer, Senior Business Analyst

Michael Lee / Schechter Wealth

Eleni delivered her presentation to our group as advertised: full of energy with so many useful techniques and memorable takeaways. But what impressed our group was the level of homework Eleni had done to tailor her materials to our audience and our issues.

Michael Lee Chief Financial Officer, Schechter Wealth, Birmingham, MI

Ryan Black / Team Solutions

We did get that bid and presentation...add another ten million on to yearly income! Had to let you know!

Ryan Black New Business Solutions, Team Solutions

Shelagh Saenz / University of Michigan School of Public Health

Eleni was a life saver when it came to transforming a good presentation into a great presentation for a conference I spoke at. She focused both on the fears I had of public speaking as well as the logistical ‘nuts and bolts’ of creating a strong presentation and performance. I learned how to speak my truth, have a compelling opening, and to maintain a strong presence by being in control of my presentation from start to finish. As a result, I received an enthusiastic invitation to speak at another institution, as well as positive comments in blog posts and social media.

Shelagh Saenz Director of Career Development, University of Michigan School of Public Health, Ann Arbor, MI

Group Training

Maggie Bayless / ZingTrain

Thanks for the wonderful day of training. It was an incredibly good fit for ZingTrain’s trainers and a good use of our organization’s time and money. We did a trainer workshop a couple of years ago that included many of the same ideas. But it wasn’t as customized to our needs and didn’t provide as many practical tools. Everyone on my team has thanked me for setting this up, but you deserve all the credit!

Maggie Bayless Managing Partner, ZingTrain, Ann Arbor, MI

Ari Weinzweig / Zingerman’s

Working with Eleni Kelakos was an amazing experience. I can’t imagine a coach and trainer who’s more creative and caring; direct yet delicate; funny but firm, respectful yet not afraid to say what really needs to be said. There’s no question that our commencement speech—to 50,000 people at Michigan Stadium—was significantly stronger because of Eleni’s insight, encouragement and (always constructive) suggestions. I feel completely confident saying that any client that engages her services will significantly improve the quality of any presentation they’re going to give! If you want to turn insecurity and uncertainty into excellence, call—and listen to—this kind and talented woman!

Ari Weinzweig CEO, Zingerman’s

Aimee Sterk / Michigan Disability Rights Coalition

Lively. Fun. Informative. Affirming. Dynamic. Eleni doesn't ask you to become someone you aren't--she helps you grow to your full you. Eleni shows you how to take your public speaking to the next level, using the gifts and skills you already have.

Aimee Sterk Program Manager, Michigan Disability Rights Coalition, Lansing, MI

Roxanne Shepard / Borg Warner Automotive

When reviewing the course evaluations, it became clear that every single attendee thoroughly enjoyed your training, and stated that they would recommend it to others. The training was by far one of the best received classes we have ever held in our facility. All the attendees specifically asked us to run this class again and felt that it should be a requirement to any give presentations as part of their job.

Roxanne Shepard Training Specialist, Borg Warner Automotive

Tiffany Baker / Health Alliance Plan

Eleni’s Think Like an Actor, Speak Like a Pro training exceeded our expectations. She promised to give our leaders the tools they need to present with great confidence and impact— and she delivered! Her charisma, brilliance, and ability to take total ownership of a room kept us engaged all morning long. Several participants said this was one of the best professional seminars they have ever attended.

Tiffany Baker Executive Communications Strategist, Health Alliance Plan (HAP, Southfield, MI)

Dirk Nelson / Alliance Franchise Brand

Eleni’s presentation skill training provided all participants with an opportunity to explore their public speaking abilities in a very unique, comfortable and personable manner. Her acting background, business acumen and intuitive ability to assess and interact with participants was engaging as well as entertaining. She has an incredible way of meeting people where they are and making them feel comfortable with the process.

Dirk Nelson Alliance Franchise Brand, Plymouth, MI

Shanna Draheim / Public Sector Consultants

Thank you again for a wonderful Think Like an Actor, Speak Like a Pro session this morning. It was not only incredibly useful and helpful for our staff, it was great fun. People could not stop talking about it all afternoon. I have had so much positive feedback, I hope we can take advantage of your great talents more in the future!

Shanna Draheim Senior Consultant, Public Sector Consultants, Lansing, MI

Kathi Boyle / Women’s Business Center & CEED

Eleni is a truly amazing trainer. Her presentation far exceeded even my expectations. Participants left with more confidence and more drive than when they arrived.

Kathi Boyle Program Manager, Women’s Business Center and Center for Empowerment and Economic Development (CEED)

Keynote Creation

David Mann

Working with Eleni has transformed me as a speaker. She drew stories and ideas out of me that I couldn’t find on my own and she gave me a solid framework for creating a new keynote. As a professional presentation coach myself, I know how difficult it can be to guide speakers toward their best material. Eleni does it exceedingly well, all the while making you feel inspired to reach your highest potential.

David Mann Coach, Trainer, Speaker, Actor, Playwright and Director

Kristi Davis / Professional Keynote Speaker and Author

Eleni’s professional assistance in creating my keynote was invaluable. Her expertise as an actress helped take my signature stories from satisfactory to spectacular! She provided a clear and compelling model for structuring my presentation that made the process much less overwhelming. I especially appreciate how she honed and tweaked my ideas while keeping my authentic voice intact. She provided excellent advice on where to trim my content and which points to accentuate to make my presentation more powerful. Eleni was a joy to work with and went above and beyond to bring my vision to fruition. My keynote was a smashing success thanks to her expert coaching. My time spent with her was more than worth the investment.

Kristi Davis Professional Keynote Speaker and Author of "Kick High" and "Be Spectacular!"

Kathy Eubanks / Professional Speaker, Emcee and Author

I had come to a crossroads with a keynote presentation. Eleni worked with me to reexamine what I am doing in my keynote and guided me thru the process of improving the presentation. I now view my presentation and the information that I provide to my audiences in a whole new way! I know that presentation is SOOOO much better and I am excited about my subject as well!

Kathy Eubanks Professional Speaker, Emcee and Author

Victoria Kamm / Speaker, Social Media Practitioner, Obviously Brilliant (Owner)

Eleni guided me step by step in developing a cohesive keynote presentation on my most passionate mission in life. I didn't think it was possible to tell my story in a way that connected with more than one person at a time. Eleni has made me a believer! Generous with her praise, kind with her questions, deeply connected to her clients. Eleni will make an extraordinary difference in your life!

Victoria Kamm Speaker, Social Media Practitioner, Obviously Brilliant (Owner)

Greg Peters / The Reluctant Networker, LLC

I felt frustrated and a little scared that my career as a speaker might have plateaued. I knew that to take it to the next level I needed a signature speech--something I could present at the regional and national level. I had no clue where to start. That’s when I called on Eleni. Eleni’s “Filling in the Bones” process made creating my new keynote program easier than I ever expected. She not only helped me narrow down the topic and select the perfect stories, but coached me through several run-throughs in order to bring out the best in my presentation. With her help, I now have my signature speech. I feel like my business is poised to take off. In fact, I’ve already been able to incorporate some of the material into my existing training programs. Thanks to Eleni, I’ve seen my evaluations and reviews--and my bottom line--improve almost overnight.

Greg Peters Credit Union Keynote Speaker / Networking Expert at The Reluctant Networker, LLC


Jennie McAlpine / UM

Eleni Kelakos, the Keynote Speaker for our 8th Annual Work/Life Conference, was a hit with our University staff! 'Dynamic and engaging,' said one participant; 'She gave a wonderful, uplifting presentation,' said another. Thank you, Eleni, for kicking off our conference with laughter and a meaningful message that was important to our audience.

Jennie McAlpine Director of Work/Life Programs, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI

Denise Dersin / Professional Builder and Custom Builders Magazines

Eleni Kelakos’ presentation at our Women in Residential Construction conference could not have been more inspiring and on point. Her Presence Principles serve as a guide to developing a strong and confident approach to leadership as well as a path to personal and professional growth. Eleni’s thoughtful, compelling, and very well-received program was ideal for our attendees, who sometimes find it difficult to stand out in a male-dominated industry.

Denise Dersin Editorial Director, Professional Builder and Custom Builders Magazines, Arlington Heights, Illinois

Ann Kowaleski / Isabella County Commission on Aging

Eleni is a captivating singer, songwriter and inspirational speaker. She is able to guide large audiences through numerous insights with ease, humor and infectious music, and is authentic and motivating. Our group loved her, and you will too!

Ann Kowaleski Caregiver Trainer and Support, MA, LPC, Isabella County Commission on Aging, Mt. Pleasant, MI

Julie Abshire / Michigan Jaycees

Eleni is the professional wake-up call to you need to step up and be the leader you know you can be. Her program was the perfect combination of interactive and participatory while tying in the leadership training and motivational skills our customers needed to hear. She was obviously well-researched, personalizing her keynote and training for our members. Most importantly, she was willing to work with us on the fine details of the event to insure that everything came off without a hitch.

Julie Abshire 2012 Training Director, Michigan Jaycees

Lisa Ashley / Michigan Hospice and Palliative Care

Eleni was perfect speaker to kick off our conference. People were commenting throughout the conference on what a great presentation it was. We heard remarks like "Best keynote in years! Fun, lively, uplifting, a riot...bring her back next year!

Lisa Ashley President and CEO, Michigan Hospice and Palliative Care, DeWitt, MI

Janice Mashak / Wisconsin Association of Homes and Services for the Aging

Eleni's presentation was entertaining, motivational and unique. Participants enjoyed listening to her beautiful voice along with the added touch of her guitar. Good job!

Janice Mashak Director of Member Services, Wisconsin Association of Homes and Services for the Aging, Green Bay, WI

Andy Crisenbery / Michigan Family Support Council

Eleni's presentation at our Fall conference was a big success. Her professionalism and ability to incorporate humor, music and inspiration made the entire event exceptional. We've never before experienced a speaker willing to go so much out of their way to learn about who we are and the stressors of the job the way Eleni did.

Andy Crisenbery Past President, Michigan Family Support Council, Jackson, MI

Martin Stone / Our Times Coffeehouse Series

Put Joan Baez and Joni Mitchell Together, add a little Robin Williams, and you've got Eleni Kelakos.

Martin Stone Our Times Coffeehouse Series, Garden City, NY

Mary Sampas / The Lowell Sun

Eleni...filled the spotlight with brilliance. Her stand-up comic's way with a funny tale, and, of course, her soaring, crystal voice were a total delight and inspiration.

Mary Sampas The Lowell Sun, Lowell, MA

Robin Black / Curves for Women

I walked away feeling strong, encouraged and inspired by your words of wisdom and beautiful voice. Your messages--from worthiness and celebration of one's spirit, to making the most out of one's life--are relevant for everyone.

Robin Black Owner, Curves for Women, Ann Arbor, MI

Beth LaVasseur / St. Joseph Mercy Health Systems

Not only was Eleni easy to work with ...SHE WAS AN AMAZING WARM-UP FOR OUR EVENT! Her songs and stories were upflifting, funny, witty and truly enjoyable for all. I would highly recommend Eleni for any event!

Beth LaVasseur RN, MS Oncology Research Manager, St. Joseph Mercy Health Systems, Ann Arbor, MI

Terri Barlow / Thomson-Shore Publishing

It was a pleasure having you speak for our sales meeting...you exceeded my expectations...the lowest (evaluation score) we received was an A-, so I would say the event was a success!

Terri Barlow Thomson-Shore Publishing, Dexter, MI

Stephanie Harwick / American Business Women’s Association

Eleni knows how to empower women, making them feel stronger and giving them the skills they need to succeed in their professional lives. I left her presentation feeling inspired to be the best woman I can be in all aspects of my life.

Stephanie Harwick American Business Women’s Association, Maia Chapter, Ann Arbor, MI

Tamara Rummel / American Cancer Society

Thank you for making our American Cancer Society Relay for Life Leadership Summit the best yet! Not only did you rivet the guests to their chairs, you also riveted them to our life-saving mission. You were able to connect with each person in the audience with your tender heart and your robust words of leadership, community service and healing. Never under-estimate the ability you have to move an audience to action. You motivated our community leaders to not only Touch the Sky but to also enjoy the journey.

Tamara Rummel Former Area Executive Director, American Cancer Society

Sharon L. Jaksa / American Red Cross

Eleni did a terrific job presenting her TOUCH THE SKY keynote at meeting of Donor Recruitment Representatives from Ohio, Michigan and Indiana. I asked her to tie-together two long days of training for them in an instructive and entertaining fashion, and she certainly did. All of us were especially impressed by the amount of work she did to understand our “business” and create a presentation tailored just for us. Our work at the Red Cross requires us to have sufficient blood products every day of the year for Michigan’s hospital patients, and Eleni absolutely nailed what we should, and can do to achieve our goal. I watched our staff listen to Eleni’s stories, enjoy her songs and fully participate in her entire presentation. After the presentation, their reviews included comments like: “She made me look at challenges in a new way”...”I can see more ownership possibilities in myself that will result in better job performance”...”I think I’m a better recruiter because she clearly reminded me of the importance of what I do in my job.” Eleni is a motivational, entertaining, dynamic and engaging speaker who is guaranteed to provide a truly outstanding presentation.

Sharon L. Jaksa CEO, American Red Cross, Great Lakes Blood Services Region

Nicole Polacek / Touchstone Crystal

Eleni’s beautiful messages of strength, courage, passion and perseverance combined with uplifting and tender songs and a captivating and, at times, hysterical, story, was the perfect closing session for our annual sales conference. Eleni was a flexible and creative partner and a real champion of our mission and cause. I believe everyone who attended Eleni’s Touch the Sky keynote left walking a little taller than they did before, and for that we are truly blessed to have met her.

Nicole Polacek Marketing Manager/Field Development Training, Touchstone Crystal, Cranston, RI

L. Revenaugh / American Business Women’s Association, Women of Today Express Network

Rarely do you find a speaker who captures the attention of her audience from the opening of the presentation. Your emotional—and often times humorous—presentation about your life triggered our own memories of the trials and tribulations of our lives. As you closed your program, I noticed several people were moved to tears. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us to make us all reach high to Touch the Sky.

L. Revenaugh American Business Women’s Association, Women of Today Express Network

A. Sargeant / Chelsea Community Hospital

Eleni's motivational and uplifting TOUCH THE SKY program encouraged (the women at the Chelsea Community Hospital Health and Wellness Center) to have passion and purpose in both their lives and workouts. It was truly wonderful!

A. Sargeant Member Services Manager, Chelsea Community Hospital, Health and Wellness Center, Chelsea, MI

Leadership Coaching

Dennis Graham / Plante & Moran

I was just reflecting with someone the other day on the fact that the money that our firm spent to sponsor time for M___________ to work with you to develop her leadership presence was the best investment our firm has ever made! She continues to be a rock star at our firm; and while I give her most (or at least some) of the credit, there is no question that the work the two of you did together has paid off tremendously. Thank you for that, and for working with others at our firm.

Dennis Graham Lead Partner- Transaction Advisory Services Team, Firmwide Leader- Private Equity Group Practice. Plante & Moran, Southfield, MI

Karen Andrews / The Andrews Group

Eleni has transformed training participants through her techniques, process and presence, leaving them feeling confident in their ability to speak and present. As a trusted coach for key executives, Eleni has an innate ability to draw out and transform communication skills while simultaneously enhancing confidence. Her techniques, wisdom and genuine faith in my message left me feeling confident, strong, and ready to present under pressure.

Karen Andrews CEO, The Andrews Group

Emily Hay / Hay There Social Media

...a long-term relationship with a partner that lives along with you...Empowering, liberating, comforting and calming ...support in its purest form, making me the purest form of myself. Eleni finds the perfect way to relate to every scenario thrown at her, always turning it back to focus on you. She delivers the sunshine I need to grow and flourish.

Emily Hay Founder, Hay There Social Media

Farida Ali / Dynamic Computer Company

Working with Eleni, I've become more natural, fluid and articulate in my communication. Our sessions have helped me tap into a deeper level of leadership and a dimension to my work that--after 17 years--I did not know was there.

Farida Ali CEO, Dynamic Computer Company, Farmington Hills, MI

Nader Najafi / CEO Integrated Sensing Systems

Eleni's in-depth experience provides an unparalleled learning adventure that swiftly teaches both the conscious and unconscious levels. I highly recommend Eleni to all executives that already have outstanding business communication skills and would like to go to an even higher level.

Nader Najafi President / CEO Integrated Sensing Systems

Blue Sky Coaching

Christie Clipper / Healthy Edge, LLC

Working with Eleni brings calm, a sense of clarity that allows you to breathe...a genuine desire to help you become a better you and achieve your professional goals. Eleni gave me back myself.

Christie Clipper Founder, Healthy Edge, LLC

Betsy Volaric / Champions for Charity

Eleni creates a comfortable, safe space where I can be myself. Eleni is passionate about helping women like me find their voice. She cares as much as I do about me reaching my goals. She’s helped me learn to value myself, focus on my strengths, and gain the confidence I need to create a more fulfilling life.

Betsy Volaric Director Of Marketing, Champions for Charity

Karen Andrews / The Andrews Group

Working with Eleni is a warm, supported, guided tour of self-discovery. I am more "me" because of Eleni. Our encounters create a stronger, more confident version of who I innately am. When I'm stuck, when I'm scared to present or share my heartfelt work, I hear Eleni's voice encouraging me.

Karen Andrews CEO, The Andrews Group