Online Presentation Skills Training – Webinars to Improve Presentation Skills

Worried about speaking in public or delivering an upcoming business presentation?

Good news - my online presentation skills training webinars can help!

Corporate executives, team members, and company leaders who are most effective when speaking in public often spend many hours developing effective presentation skills including body language, breathing skills, voice modulation, presence, and poise under pressure. Through my online presentation training, you will learn tips and techniques to become a great presenter.

I offer communication and presentation skills training courses online (as well as in person through presentation skills training workshops for companies, training sessions for the public, and individual presentation skills coaching). My webinars are a good introduction to my teaching methods and style. In fact, if you enjoy my public speaking training webinars, then you might decide to also enlist me for in-person services to further learn presentation skills.

Presentation Skills Training Online - for groups and individuals – from anywhere!

In this highly mobile, digital age, you’re not always available for office-based, eyeball-to-eyeball coaching or training sessions.  In addition, Covid-19 has made both learning and teaching, selling or pitching via virtual presentations a necessity. That’s why The Eleni Group provides individual Zoom-based virtual training sessions as well as group Tele-seminars and online presentation skills training webinars. New online group classes, open for public registration, are always forming. The latest schedule, below, includes Build a Brilliant Keynote, Rock Your Short Talk and Virtualize Your Presentation. Check it out!

Interested in creating a customized online training event for your team?  Contact us and let’s talk about it!

Rock Your Short Talk! A Step-by-Step Process to Build a Riveting 5-10 Minute Presentation.

You have something to say, to teach, to share.  But can you share it compellingly and memorably in ten minutes?  How about five minutes? The ability to give a focused, short talk that highlights your expertise and ability to own the stage can attract customers, impress investors, and open doors to prestigious speaking opportunities at major conferences. 

This virtual training program will teach you a simple, easy-to-replicate,  narrative format for putting together a short talk   You’ll define the topic and the elements of your talk, and pinpoint the signature story that shapes it.  By the close of the program,  you’ll have crafted a talk that not only teaches your audience an essential lesson or practice but moves them into feeling and action—and all in the space of ten minutes or less! 

Over the course of one three-hour group session and one 90-minute individual coaching  session you will: 

  • Position your presentation so it best serves your audience
  • Implement the S.P.E.A.K. formula for creating a short talk
  • Pinpoint the defining story that illustrates your main point
  • Define and shape simple, sticky, supporting evidence
  • Determine what you want your audience to think about or do as a result of your talk
  • Learn tools to start and end your talk with a bang

Note: This is a DSI Curriculum Course.

Dates:  Group session, Friday, May 7th, 2021.  11-2pm EST.
Individual coaching session to be scheduled within two weeks of the group session. 

Your Investment: $595

Sound interesting? 


Build a Brilliant Keynote: Create your signature talk from concept to completion, using Eleni Kelakos’ Fabulous Fishbone Formula!

You have a big idea you want to share with the world. And you know you need to put together a killer keynote presentation that can move that idea out into the world with greater impact. There’s only one problem:  You aren’t exactly sure where to start, or how to put it together most effectively!

In this day-long, virtual small group training and individual coaching program, you’ll learn and implement a simple, modular method of conceiving and constructing a clear, compelling, one-of-a kind keynote (or long-form) presentation. Eleni will nudge you step-by-step into crafting an essential element of your presentation-- from its foundational skeleton, to the stories, points, and evidence that make up its flesh.  Two individual coaching sessions following the group session will ensure that you complete a powerful keynote that overflows with who you are, what you know and what you want to share with your ideal audience. 

You'll learn:

  • How to position your presentation so it best serves your ideal audience.
  • Techniques to build a compelling opening (Head of the Fish) so you can grab your audience from the get-go.
  • Where and how to customize your signature keynote to suit different audiences. 
  • Why a compelling intention matters, and how to create one
  • Techniques to make your closing (Tail of the Fish) more meaningful and memorable.
  • How to choose and build the elements that flesh out your main points (Big Bones)
  • When and how to use story, evidence and audience “turnarounds” to make your points “sticky”

Note:  This program includes one day-long (6 hour) virtual group session, plus two virtual individual 90-minute coaching sessions.  

Registration is limited to 12 people. 

Date:  Friday, November 20th, 2020. 

Time: 11 am EST-5pm EST

Virtual Individual coaching sessions will be scheduled  at the close of the program. 


Fee:  $1125.00 or $995.00 early bird registration (by November 13th, 2020)

Ready to dive in?


Virtualize Your Presentation! A Three Part, Deep-Dive, Virtual Program on Creating and Giving a Virtual Presentation.

The world of meetings, conferences, and communication has shifted in a big and necessary way, from live-and-in-person, to online and virtual.  If you are used to selling, speaking, or training in a live audience format, it’s time to take your wisdom and big ideas and shift them to a virtual platform. 

If you’ve been dragging your heels about making that shift because it feels overwhelming, you’re not alone. I admit that, as a theater actor and professional speaker who loves live audiences, I initially stepped into virtual speaking with some hesitation.  But when I did, I was thrilled to discover it isn’t as complicated as it looks!  And it can be fun, highly interactive, and help you reach an even larger audience of people who need to hear what you’ve got to share. 

This virtual training program is filled with the ins, outs, tools and techniques I had to learn to implement in order to shift my thinking and my effectiveness as a virtual speaker and trainer.  And because I deliver this presentation virtually, I get to walk my talk, pulling back the curtain from time to time to point out what I’m doing to make my presentation more effective and engaging.  

This program is designed to help you "virtualize" an existing live presentation.

PART ONE: In this initial group training session, we'll cover the following. 

  • How to determine which virtual format is right for you
  • Tips to demystify virtual tech tools (lights, camera, slides or anything else that's spooking or confounding you)
  • How to position your presentation so that it serves your audience
  • How to insert virtual engagement techniques into the Fabulous Fishbone Formula™ presentation structure.
  • Techniques to make your specific virtual presentation more compelling, engaging (and feel like YOU when you present live)

You'll leave this session with the assignment to apply what you've learned to an existing presentation.  

PART TWO: Within two weeks following the group session, I'll meet with each of you in a virtual,  individual, 90-minute coaching session to work through your presentation for optimum engagement and flow.  

PART THREE: Once our individual coaching sessions have taken place, you’ll attend a group session where you’ll practice your presentations for supportive critique.

Limited to 8 people

DATE:  Friday, September 11th and Friday, September 18th, 2021.

NOTE: Prerequisites for this workshop are completion of either Rock Your Short Talk or Build a Brilliant Keynote, unless we have agreed to a special arrangement. THIS IS A DSI CURRICULUM COURSE. FAMay 2st and Saturday, May 15th,  10 am-1pm EST

Your Investment:  $795.00 

Want to virtualize your presentation?


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Looking for a stress free online presentation skills course?

Online Presentation Skills Training (via Webinars by Eleni Kelakos) Will Reduce Public Speaking Anxiety

My virtual presentations and webinars are designed to make you a great presenter, whether you’re speaking live or virtually.  Those who’ve participated in my webinars and online training programs tell me things like “When it came to doing presentations of any kind – to my entire company or even just with a smaller team – I felt like a deer in the headlights. I was tongue-tied and unable to think clearly or communicate my ideas. My heart raced, and my voice seemed two octaves higher. I needed help, but I couldn’t afford to take time off work to attend a presentation skills workshop. This online skills training was exactly what I needed to alleviate my concerns and boost my confidence. I am ready to do my next presentation – and can you believe it? I’m actually looking forward to showing off my new presentation skills and confident attitude.”

  • Giving an upcoming business presentation, virtually or live, in-person?
  • Doing a presentation at school or college? Seeking better presentation skills in business communication or when delivering an academic or research presentation at a conference or symposium?
  • Speaking at a community event (PTO, a political rally, awards ceremony, or family function)?

My online presentation skills training sessions may give you the edge you need. And if you need more intensive public speaking training, we can work together via one-on-one public speech coaching.

No matter your level of experience, whether you are a new professional or a seasoned executive, I will hone your skill-set and teach you to use your brains, body, voice, and presence to deliver effective presentations. Even if you cower at the thought of speaking in public speaking or dread presenting to your company or team – my online training will turn that fear and dread into self-assuredness, poise, and control.

Learn presentation skills online.

What if after your next presentation, you received “hoorays” and a standing ovation?

Individuals who participate in my presentation skills training courses online learn presentation skills, improvisational techniques, and public speaking techniques that put them at ease while speaking in front of groups. People also enlist in my workshops and coaching sessions to gain confidence in their communication abilities and improve their executive presence.

Call 734.622.0522 or shoot me an email to discuss your needs.

Eleni's in-depth experience provides an unparalleled learning adventure that swiftly teaches both the conscious and unconscious levels. I highly recommend Eleni to all executives that already have outstanding business communication skills and would like to go to an even higher level.

Nader Najafi President / CEO Integrated Sensing Systems July 19, 2016