Online Presentation Skills Training – Webinars to Improve Presentation Skills

Worried about speaking in public or delivering an upcoming business presentation?

Good news – my online presentation skills training webinars can help!

Corporate executives, team members, and company leaders who are most effective when speaking in public often spend many hours developing effective presentation skills including body language, breathing skills, voice modulation, presence, and poise under pressure. Through my online presentation training, you will learn tips and techniques to become a great presenter.

I offer communication and presentation skills training courses online (as well as in person through presentation skills training workshops for companies, training sessions for the public, and individual presentation skills coaching). My webinars are a good introduction to my teaching methods and style. In fact, if you enjoy my public speaking training webinars, then you might decide to also enlist me for in-person services to further learn presentation skills.

Presentation Skills Training Online – for groups and individuals – from anywhere!

In this highly mobile, digital age, you’re not always available for office-based, eyeball-to-eyeball coaching or training sessions.  That’s why The Eleni Group provides individual SKYPED sessions as well as group Tele-seminars and online presentation skills training webinars. New online group classes, open for public registration, are always forming. Check the latest schedule, below.

Interested in creating a customized online training event for your team?  Contact us and let’s talk about it!

Think Like an Actor, Speak Like a Pro: A Five Part Live Webinar Series

The five, hour-long, comprehensive modules of this live webinar series will change the way you think about pitching and presenting!

This webinar’s presentation skills training course outline includes:

  • The performance secrets of professional actors and speakers so you can pitch and present with greater confidence and ease.
  • The tools and techniques you need to speak effectively in public with less anxiety or fear.
  • How to identify and harness your passionate purpose so you can motivate and persuade your team, colleagues and clients to take action—whether you speak to one person or one thousand.
  • How to implement a simple, modular way of structuring your presentations for greater impact and influence.
  • How to create a customized Presentation Preparation Toolkit that will help you be more prepared, more confident and better equipped to handle the stress of speaking from a public platform.
  • Storytelling basics that will make your presentations more memorable.
  • How to make your Power Point  slides work for and not against you
  • Techniques to help you connect more authentically and persuasively with your audience members, clients and colleagues so you can build stronger business relationships and achieve greater buy-in.

WHEN:  2018 webinar dates are being determined. Stay tuned!

FEE:  $797.00, including 90 page interactive e-workbook and one 60 minute pinpoint coaching session via SKYPE or in-person with Eleni Kelakos.

Questions? Ask Eleni now.

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Looking for a stress free online presentation skills course?

Online Presentation Skills Training (via Webinars by Eleni Kelakos) Will Reduce Public Speaking Anxiety   

My “Think Like an Actor, Speak Like a Pro: A Five Part Live Webinar Series” is designed to make you a great presenter with five hour-long learning sessions, plus a coaching call with me where we drill down on your unique questions and challenges.

Those who’ve participated in my webinars tell me things like “When it came to doing presentations of any kind – to my entire company or even just with a smaller team – I felt like a deer in the headlights. I was tongue-tied and unable to think clearly or communicate my ideas. My heart raced, and my voice seemed two octaves higher. I needed help, but I couldn’t afford to take time off work to attend a presentation skills workshop. This online skills training (plus individual coaching session with Eleni) was exactly what I needed to alleviate my concerns and boost my confidence. I am ready to do my next presentation – and can you believe it? I’m actually looking forward to showing off my new presentation skills and confident attitude.”

  • Giving an upcoming business presentation?
  • Doing a presentation at school or college? Seeking better presentation skills in business communication or when delivering an academic or research presentation at a conference or symposium?
  • Speaking at a community event (PTO, a political rally, awards ceremony, or family function)?

My online presentation skills training sessions may give you the edge you need. And if you need more intensive public speaking training, we can work together via one-on-one public speech coaching.

No matter your level of experience, whether you are a new professional or a seasoned executive, I will hone your skill-set and teach you to use your brains, body, voice, and presence to deliver effective presentations. Even if you cower at the thought of speaking in public speaking or dread presenting to your company or team – my online training will turn that fear and dread into self-assuredness, poise, and control.

Learn presentation skills online.

What if after your next presentation, you received “hoorays” and a standing ovation?

Individuals who participate in my presentation skills training courses online learn presentation skills, improvisational techniques, and public speaking techniques that put them at ease while speaking in front of groups. People also enlist in my workshops and coaching sessions to gain confidence in their communication abilities and improve their executive presence.

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Interested in online presentation skills training?

There are no further webinars scheduled yet for 2018. But if you’d like to be notified of upcoming webinar dates, click on the orange bar and write “webinar soon?” in the “Message” box of the email form.

I was just reflecting with someone the other day on the fact that the money that our firm spent to sponsor time for M___________ to work with you to develop her leadership presence was the best investment our firm has ever made! She continues to be a rock star at our firm; and while I give her most (or at least some) of the credit, there is no question that the work the two of you did together has paid off tremendously. Thank you for that, and for working with others at our firm.

Dennis Graham Lead Partner- Transaction Advisory Services Team, Firmwide Leader- Private Equity Group Practice. Plante & Moran, Southfield, MI July 19, 2016