Speak, lead and live with maximum influence.

Individual private speech and presentation skills coaching has been the cornerstone of my work since 2003. The customized nature of the coaching sessions allows us to get to the heart of the obstacles that are holding you back from presenting, communicating and leading with confidence and impact. Through discussion, creative exercises, videotaped simulations, and tried-and-true theater based techniques, you’ll define and embrace your unique Transformational Presence, allowing you speak, lead and live with maximum influence.

Coaching is appropriate for anyone, at any skill level. The only requirement is that you are willing to honor the First of Eleni’s Five Principles of Transformational Presence: Know Thyself. Your willingness to commit to your growth and development in a coaching format is the key to your coaching success.

Coaching is offered in person, by phone, or via SKYPE.

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Eleni’s beautiful messages of strength, courage, passion and perseverance combined with uplifting and tender songs and a captivating and, at times, hysterical, story, was the perfect closing session for our annual sales conference. Eleni was a flexible and creative partner and a real champion of our mission and cause. I believe everyone who attended Eleni’s Touch the Sky keynote left walking a little taller than they did before, and for that we are truly blessed to have met her.

Nicole Polacek Marketing Manager/Field Development Training, Touchstone Crystal, Cranston, RI July 19, 2016

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