Claim the Stage! Step into the Spotlight and Maximize Your Leadership Impact.

Too often talented people stay stuck in the wings-- unnoticed, unexpressed, and unfulfilled. They decline offers to speak at key events, stay silent in critical conversations, and avoid applying for positions of greater leadership and influence. As a result, they diminish their impact and the world loses out on their unique talents and perspectives.

In this interactive, entertaining presentation, Eleni Kelakos reveals the seven-step process that propelled her shift from waiting in the wings as a frustrated actress to taking center stage as a touring singer-songwriter, presentation skills expert, author, and motivational speaker. She’ll inspire leaders and emerging leaders alike to drop their coat of invisibility and boldly take the stage in their life and work, so they can share their valuable wisdom and big ideas with the people and audiences who need to hear them.


CLAIM THE STAGE! is always customized to reflect your organization’s needs and focus.

This keynote for men and women in leadership is a great way to open or close a professional conference. It’s perfect for:

  • Senior level leaders who want to maximize their potential.
  • Middle managers and emerging leaders who aspire to positions of higher leadership and influence.
  • Authors, consultants/coaches and thought leaders who want to increase their visibility and impact.
  • Women’s Organizations/Associations and Women’s Advocacy Groups within corporations who want to encourage their membership to LEAP in—not just lean in—to leadership.
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NOTE: THE VIDEO CLIP ASSOCIATED WITH THIS PROGRAM IS FOCUSED TOWARDS AN AUDIENCE OF WOMEN. That’s because I’m currently passionate about encouraging as many women as possible to let their voices be heard! That said, this customizable program is, overall, appropriate for a mixed audience of both men and women.

Audience members will:

  • Learn the Claim the Stage Success Cycle, a repeatable 7-step process to maximize confidence, impact and visibility on public platforms and in the greater world.
  • Consider and examine the limiting beliefs that keep them from realizing their potential.
  • Pinpoint the next stage of their leadership development and what they need to do to step up and shine.
  • Re-kindle the passionate purpose that drives and defines them as a leader and person.
  • Increase their commitment and ability to fulfill their highest potential as leaders and human beings.

Is CLAIM THE STAGE! a good fit for your organization?

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Eleni guided me step by step in developing a cohesive keynote presentation on my most passionate mission in life. I didn't think it was possible to tell my story in a way that connected with more than one person at a time. Eleni has made me a believer! Generous with her praise, kind with her questions, deeply connected to her clients. Eleni will make an extraordinary difference in your life!

Victoria Kamm Speaker, Social Media Practitioner, Obviously Brilliant (Owner) July 19, 2016