One-on-one speech coaching & presentation coaching

Speech Coach. Public Speaking Coach for Leaders.

Are you a C-level executive trying to advance your vision? A vice president or team leader speaking at the company retreat? A politician, author, or thought leader who wants to light a flame in listeners’ hearts?

Your next speech or keynote presentation could change people’s minds and change the world, or it could fall flat and fizzle.

You might be ready for an executive speech coach or presentation trainer if you say things like this…

I’m presenting at a huge industry conference and want to stand out as a thought leader in my field.”

“My pitches to investors don’t seem to be generating much interest or investment.”

“I want to rise from a mid-level manager to a company leader, but I can’t seem to express my high-level business ideas very well to those in the C suite.”

“Other board members don’t seem to listen to my opinions. Perhaps if I changed my public speaking approach, I could compel them to hear me out.”

“I’m doing a TEDx talk next month and want to tighten up and bolster my presentation.”

“My book is getting published, and I’m expected to do a speaking tour to promote it.”

“I need to give a ____ (fill in the blank – eulogy, wedding toast, address at a retirement party for our CEO of the past 37 years), and I want to hit the bull’s eye.”

When the pressure and stakes are high, the right speech coach can help you hone your message and polish your leadership presence, so your ideas are embraced and people perceive you as a brilliant leader who they want to follow. By the way, here’s a highly recommended New York Times article about when to call in a speech coach, and yes, I’m mentioned in it!

As an executive, politician, author, specialized expert, or high level authority, you are expected to be able to eloquently and powerfully speak from a public platform. Your ability to express your views, describe new ideas, rally the troops, gain consensus, and influence other leaders depends on your ability to communicate from the podium, in the board room, and with the media.

I work with people who want to use their public speaking skills, their words, and their passionate presence to transform their world. I use performance techniques learned over twenty years as a professional actress in New York and Los Angeles to help executives be relaxed, real and relatable when they give speeches and presentations. You can learn more about me here.

Leaders hire me for one-on-one speech coaching sessions tailored to their exact needs.

Together we will assess your challenges and aspirations, and then we’ll identify a coaching plan that fits your needs and hectic schedule. We may decide that you need only one or a few 90-minute Pinpoint Sessions. Perhaps a 6-session or my Transformational Presence 10 session package would do the trick.  

The process I employ with speech coaching clients involves:

  1. Identifying beliefs and habits that are holding you back.
  2. Replacing limiting beliefs with ones that are more effective.
  3. Applying these new beliefs and behaviors in real-time speaking situations.

We’ll use videotaping and audio recording, role-playing/simulation, discussion, scripts and monologues, improvisation, and written, creative exercises that stimulate insight and self-awareness, to help you find your unique voice as a speaker.

After each session, you’ll have “homework” to complete that will further extend the development occurring in your coaching sessions. When our time together is complete, we will have built with a customized toolkit of presentation preparation tools that you can use for the rest of your life.

My prospective clients often ask, “But don’t I need a speech coach near me?”

While I offer in-person executive speech coaching to clients in Michigan and the Midwest, I also coach and train people across the United States – in person and via Skype/video conference.

So even if you aren’t located in or near Ann Arbor, Michigan (go Wolverines!), we could still embark on some intensive speech coaching through the use of technology.

Wondering about public speaking coach rates?

Call me to discuss your needs, and we will talk about fees that fit with your budget.

Become the speaker and leader you were meant to be.

Communicate at your peak when you hire me as your speech coach. Call 734.622.0522 or send me a message today.

Eleni is a captivating singer, songwriter and inspirational speaker. She is able to guide large audiences through numerous insights with ease, humor and infectious music, and is authentic and motivating. Our group loved her, and you will too!

Ann Kowaleski
Caregiver Trainer and Support, MA, LPC, Isabella County Commission on Aging, Mt. Pleasant, MI
July 19, 2016