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Ready to shine during your next executive interview, no matter how difficult the interview questions?

Wondering about executive interview coaching services? Interviews for executive level positions can be intense. Those in C-level, VP, director, or management positions are expected to make the hard calls, weigh tough decisions, implement change, and deliver results. Executive interview coaching can help you clearly convey those abilities.

When those applying for executive positions reach out to me, they often say one of the following things:

  • I haven’t interviewed in years (because I’ve spent my career at one company). Could you help me prepare for the interview process for a leadership role?
  • The last time I interviewed for an executive position, the interviewers asked grueling questions and I didn’t perform at my peak. Could you coach me through mock interviews, so I’m confident and ready the next time I go through the interview process?
  • I am ready to make a change and step into an upper management role. I’m looking for a career coach who can teach me to look, act, and respond like a top executive.
  • My experience is stellar, but each time I interview for an executive role, another candidate beats me out. What am I doing wrong?

Bring your persuasive power to a high-pressure, high-stakes executive interview.

Those who hire me for executive interview coaching do so because they want to be prepared for whatever difficult questions or situations they are faced with. Because you’re interviewing for a leadership position, you can expect interview questions that help the hiring committee determine …

  • Your ability to fit with the company’s culture, mission, and values.
  • Your management style and decision making process.
  • Your experience in previous leadership roles.
  • Your ability to withstand pressure, maintain your composure, and articulate your points with poise and grace.

Hiring managers and company leaders are assessing your executive presence (also known as your leadership presence or gravitas). They want to see that you have the power and presence to “own the room,” take charge, and calmly lead in a high-stakes “spotlight moment.”. Your potential employer wants to hire an A+ player, and you must show them that you are their best choice.

If you are embarking on (or even part way through) the interview process for an executive level job, engaging in executive interview coaching can give you the edge over other candidates. It could mean the difference between moving ahead or being left behind in the interview process–and potentially getting the job.

During the interview process (there will likely be 2, 3, or more interviews), you’ll have to call on various interview skills, experiences from your past, and demonstrate your charisma. You should expect that interviewers will ask you tough, tricky, and hot-button questions designed to throw you off your game.

Here are some good references to help you with the types of interview questions to expect during your next executive interview:

In preparation for your executive interviews, learn to tell stories that illustrate your unique executive presence and those professional qualities that set you apart from other candidates. Also be ready to talk about past experiences that show that you learned something valuable from your mistakes or failed projects (because I can guarantee that you’ll be asked about a time when you did not succeed in achieving your mission).

Stand out as the most qualified candidate for executive positions by practicing your interview skills with Eleni!

Eleni coaching Public Speaking and interview Training

Executive Interview Training Process

As an expert interview coach, I know what it takes to show up fully under enormous pressure.
For decades I worked as an actor in LA and NY, learning to shine under the pressure of high-stakes auditions, interviews and performances. When I work with clients, I employ the tools and techniques of the best actors, orators, and performers.

When you and I work together, you can expect that I’ll help you to…

  • Get intensely clear about your unique leadership traits and how to convey them your potential employer, so they can see and feel your executive presence.
  • Hone your interview skills through role-playing exercises that simulate an interview situation—in person, or via phone or Skype.
  • Make sure that your words, your wardrobe and your body language all work together to support your unique, professional presence.
  • Learn breathing and relaxation techniques that can help you stay confident and calm before and during your interview.

And if part of your interview involves making a formal presentation, I’ll work with you to bring it to a whole new level of persuasive power.

I’ve helped hundreds of clients step confidently into high-stakes executive interviews. Call 734-622-0522 (or send me a message ) to talk about how executive interview coaching could help you ace your next interview!

Eleni knows how to empower women, making them feel stronger and giving them the skills they need to succeed in their professional lives. I left her presentation feeling inspired to be the best woman I can be in all aspects of my life.

Stephanie Harwick
American Business Women’s Association, Maia Chapter, Ann Arbor, MI
July 19, 2016