Reclaim your dreams, fulfill your potential, and TAKE THE STAGE!

Women’s career coach and top female executive coach

Meet Eleni Kelakos – Women’s leadership and career coach, keynote speaker, and author.

I’m an executive presence and presentation skills expert, personal growth catalyst, keynote speaker, author, and women’s career coach. I work with women in leadership (or on the verge of leadership) who want to advance on their career path. Each person I coach has her own unique desires and goals. One wants to boldly negotiate a better job offer so she can expand her leadership reach. Another wants to find the courage to speak up and be heard more frequently and more firmly in executive team meetings meetings and critical conversations. Another wants to find the courage to run for public office, hone her stump speech, and speak truth to power. And still another wants to learn to manage her fear of public speaking, so she can market her small business by giving public workshops. What each of these women have in common is the deep desire to claim the stage and step out into the world in a more visible, influential manner.

Reclaim your dreams, fulfill your potential, and CLAIM THE STAGE!

If you are a woman reading this, let me be blunt:  You are not here to play small. You are here to make the most of the gifts and talents you’ve been given, in service to this planet. If you choose, you can do more than just lean in to leadership– you can leap in with both feet! You can use your words –and your wisdom– to change your world!

As my pal and speaking colleague, Dr. Sherene McHenry, likes to say, women come into their own when they find their voice.

You are, indeed, here to find your voice. And I believe, once you find your voice, you are also here to share it — confidently and boldly– with others. When you share your voice (your unique wisdom, perspective, gifts, ideas)– you influence and affect others who need exactly what you have to offer.

That’s why I created Claim the Stage Coaching for women—a hybrid of executive presence coaching, presentation coaching and women’s career coaching. Claim the Stage is for women who want to stand out and be heard on stages large and small– in the boardroom, at industry events, in critical conversations, and in political discourse. Women who want to claim (or re-claim)  their voice, (not to mention their dream and their potential) and use it to make their unique difference in a more public manner.

Your words and wisdom can change the world!

My experience as a women’s career coach, coupled with the elements of my Claim the Stage coaching program can help you feel more confident, more focused, more clear and more committed to realizing your purpose—even if the dishes need doing, the kids are yanking at your sleeves, and your work is piling up like the dirty laundry.

Using the tried-and-true methods I’ve developed as a successful executive presence and presentation skills coach and trainer, I can help you you expand your presence—physically, vocally and energetically—so you can command the attention you deserve.  As a skilled  women’s career coach dedicated to empowering women, I can help you find the words, the way and the courage for you to speak your truth and perform at your peak in high-pressure “spotlight moments,” so you can fulfill your potential.

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Claim the Stage Women’s Career Coaching – Basic Program

In a nutshell, my Claim the Stage Basic coaching program helps you figure out where you are and where you want to go, and gives the tools to get there.

This program is based on the Seven Phases of the Claim the Stage Cycle: 

  1. Take Stock (of where you are right now– the good, the bad and the ugly)
  2. Take Ownership (or your blessings, blocks, unique purpose)
  3. Take Aim (pinpoint the stage on which you want to share your voice and shine– whether it’s speaking up at meetings, delivering a keynote or asking for a promotion) 
  4. Take Steps (determine and then do the work to reach the goal you’re aiming to achieve)
  5. Take Your Cue (step up and step in when it’s time to claim the stage)
  6. Take the Risk (to show up authentically and courageously when the spotlight is on you)
  7. Take a Bow (take the time celebrate what you’ve accomplished)

Claim the Stage Basic includes Seven 90-minute individual coaching sessions—in person, virtually by Zoom, or by telephone with me, a passionate and enthusiastic women’s career coach dedicated to your personal growth and career development.  

During these sessions, you will:

  1. Pinpoint your passionate purpose
  2. Examine your strengths, liabilities, beliefs and behaviors.
  3. Define a clear and compelling Take the Stage vision statement.
  4. Determine the spotlight moments (e.g. critical conversations, professional presentations, board meetings, media appearances) in which you want to confidently Take the Stage.
  5. Learn and apply tools and methodologies to increase your presence, confidence and skills on those stages and playing fields..

You’ll also receive:

  • A copy of my Touch the Sky book.
  • Weekly e-mail motivation with my Monday Morning Musings
  • Unlimited (within reason!) e-mail exchange through the length of the coaching period.

Claim the Stage – Plus+

Once you’ve been through Claim the Stage Coaching Basic, it’s time for me to support you over time in your efforts to take consistent steps towards your goals.  Depending on where you are and what you need, there are three ways we can do this:

  • The Perfect 10: Ten 90 minute pinpoint coaching sessions over the course of twelve months
  • 30-30: One 30-minute session every 30 Days
  • Individual Pinpoint Sessions as needed

Each of these options includes reasonable e-mail support between sessions.

Develop executive presence, command the room, and fulfill your leadership and personal potential with Take the Stage women’s career coaching!

Talk with Eleni to find out her Take the Stage program and her support as a women’s career coach is right for YOU!

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Woman Female Executive Coach Eleni Kelakos

What do my coaching clients say about my work as a women’s career coach?

“Working with Eleni brings calm, a sense of clarity that allows you to breathe…a genuine desire to help you become a better you and achieve your professional goals. Eleni gave me back myself.”

Christie Clipper Founder, Healthy Edge, LLC

“Eleni creates a comfortable, safe space where I can be myself. Eleni is passionate about helping women like me find their voice. She cares as much as I do about me reaching my goals. She’s helped me learn to value myself, focus on my strengths, and gain the confidence I need to create a more fulfilling life.”

Betsy Volaric Director of Marketing, Champions for Charity

I was just reflecting with someone the other day on the fact that the money that our firm spent to sponsor time for M___________ to work with you to develop her leadership presence was the best investment our firm has ever made! She continues to be a rock star at our firm; and while I give her most (or at least some) of the credit, there is no question that the work the two of you did together has paid off tremendously. Thank you for that, and for working with others at our firm.

Dennis Graham
Lead Partner- Transaction Advisory Services Team, Firmwide Leader- Private Equity Group Practice. Plante & Moran, Southfield, MI
July 19, 2016