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Communication coach – Communication skills coaching to help you communicate effectively

Worried that your communication skills are holding you back – in public speaking, presentations, leadership meetings, or interviews?

Are you concerned that your communications skills might not be working to your advantage? You might be ready for a communication coach if you say things like…

“The CEO told me I need to “show more executive presence” if I want to be seen as a leader in the company and not get ignored or talked over. What does that even mean?”

“I feel awkward in conversations, which makes it hard for people to engage with me.”

“When my colleagues tell me about a problem, I usually cut them off because I think I know the solution. They don’t seem to appreciate it.”

““I have a big presentation at an upcoming event, and the thought of it terrifies me. What I’m boring or forget what I want to say?!”

If you are a professional in today’s world, the way you communicate matters. Whether you are delivering a keynote speech, going over this quarter’s performance with your team, talking with a direct report or colleague, standing at a podium in front of the press, pitching your idea to investors, or gaining consensus with your board of directors – you must be clear, confident, and engaging if you want to be effective.

Want to be a better communicator? Hire a personal communication coach.

An expert communication coach can help you pinpoint areas where your communication skills need work. In what situations do you feel like your communication falters?

  • Want to be more spontaneous and think creatively on your feet?
  • Wishing you could communicate with more influence and persuasiveness?
  • Wondering how to work stories into your messaging for more engagement?
  • Do your listening skills need improvement? (Does your significant other agree? Hah!)
  • Having trouble working on a keynote speech?
  • Is your current sales presentation failing to land deals?

If we work together, we’ll identify exactly where you need help. Then we’ll use specific tools and techniques–many acquired through my decades of experience as an actress in theater, TV and film–to teach you how to maximize your effectiveness in any communications situation.

Client for leadership and executive coaching, plus presentation skills and speaking training

What types of communications coaching do I offer?

As your communication coach, I help you perform at your peak with consistency and confidence.

The business leaders I work with are all looking for the same thing:  They want to improve their presence, polish their presentations, and communicate with the kind of impact and authenticity that cements relationships and moves others into action.

And because the stakes are often high, with sales, career opportunities, and reputations on the line, there’s a strong need to make the greatest progress in the shortest amount of time.

That’s why being a private, individual communications coach has been the cornerstone of my work since 2003.  The focused, customized nature of our coaching sessions lets us get to the heart of the obstacles that are keeping you from presenting, communicating and leading with the greatest confidence and impact.

Through discussion, creative exercises, videotaped simulation, and tried-and-true theatre-based techniques, you’ll define and embrace your unique Charismatic Presence, so you can perform at your peak with consistency and confidence.

I conduct coaching sessions in person, by phone, or via SKYPE.

Here are the ways I can work with you as a communication coach:

Keynote Creation and Coaching

Need help with a particular keynote speech or high level presentation? I offer individualized coaching on the design and delivery of your next big keynote presentation. Business leaders, entrepreneurs, and educators turn to me when the pressure is on to create a keynote presentation that shines.

speaking coach

Individualized Presentation Coaching

Do you need to give a presentation on your area of expertise at an upcoming industry or company event? Feeling pressure to give a stellar performance? I offer one-on-one sessions to help you polish and perfect your presentations. Does your sales presentation need more oomph? I can help with that too.

Presentation Coach Eleni Kelakos teaching

Speech Coaching & Creation

Are you a politician, author, thought leader, or executive trying to advance your vision? Do you have a big message to communicate? Need to craft and deliver a powerful TED talk? I work with people who want to use their public speaking skills, their words, and their passionate presence to transform their world.

Client for leadership and executive coaching, plus presentation skills and speaking training

Coaching for Women

There’s a place in my heart for women who want to let their voices be heard. I offer leadership and career coaching for women who want to stand out, speak up, and take charge. The women I work with come from a variety of business, government, and non-profit sectors.

communication skills coaching

Executive Presence Coaching

Worried that company execs just aren’t seeing you as star material? Want to improve your image as a leader? We can work together to improve your confidence, body language, composure, and communication skills (verbal and non-verbal) to help you stand out and “own the room.”

leadership coaching

Executive Speech Coaching

I work with leaders who want one-on-one speech coaching to deliver better speeches, communicate with teams and boards of directors when the pressure is on, and work on their public speaking skills.

Eleni at a Presentation Skills and Public Speaking Training workshop for companies

Executive Interview Coaching

Looking to move up the corporate ladder? Do you have an upcoming interview for a high level leadership position? What happened the last time you had this opportunity? Leaders work with me when they want to practice their interviewing skills, do mock interviews, and iron out answers to top interview questions.


Eleni led me through her ‘Transformational Presence’ one-on-one program over a year ago, and it continues to change my life in the deepest, most positive way. She helped me realize and address my core issues, which not only applies to giving presentations, but to all areas of life. Now I just say my ‘one word’ before a presentation, and I am relaxed, laughing, and ready to deliver with enthusiasm! I highly recommend spending time with Eleni.

Shanna Draheim
Senior Consultant, Public Sector Consultants, Lansing, MI
July 19, 2016