Perform at your peak with consistency and confidence.

The business leaders I work with are all looking for the same thing:  They want to improve their presence, polish their presentations, and communicate with the kind of impact and authenticity that cements relationships and moves others into action.

And because the stakes are often very high, with sales, career opportunities, and reputations on the line, there’s a strong need to make the greatest progress in the shortest amount of time.

That’s why private, individual communications coaching has been the cornerstone of my work since I hung out my shingle in 2003.  The focused, customized nature of the coaching sessions lets us get to the heart of the obstacles that are keeping you from presenting, communicating and leading with the greatest confidence and impact.

Through discussion, creative exercises, videotaped simulation, and tried-and-true theatre-based techniques, you’ll define and embrace your unique Transformational Presence, so you can perform at your peak with consistency and confidence.

Coaching is offered in person, by phone, or via SKYPE.

Leadership Presence Coaching

Have you received feedback that you need to “own the room” and develop greater presence as a leader and speaker?  Are you struggling to stand out and define yourself as a leader? Are you looking for ways to connect with and motivate your flagging team? Do you want to be able to create and deliver the kind of roof-raising, high-level presentations that bring teams together and reflects who you really are as a leader?

Learn inspired leadership skills!

One-on-One Presentation Skills Coaching

Do you need to polish a specific speech or presentation, or structure it for greatest impact? Bring greater texture, color, or authority to your voice? Manage anxiety and “fight or flight” symptoms when speaking in public? Exhibit a more confident presence in meetings and sales calls? Or learn effective ways to practice and prepare for your presentations, so you can feel really ready?

Improve your presentation skills!


Keynote Coaching & Creation

Are you a visionary entrepreneur or thought-leader with a big idea who wants to create and deliver a high-level signature keynote that rocks the world? Or a consultant or coach who wants to increase your visibility and share your wisdom with larger audiences? Are you an author who needs need help building and rehearsing a presentation for an upcoming book tour? Or a professional speaker who wants to take your signature keynote to a whole new level?

Create and deliver a signature keynote!

Interview Coaching

Are you struggling to feel real, relaxed, and relatable during job interviews? Do you need to sharpen your interview skills after a lengthy absence from the job market? Are you up for partner at your firm, or for the executive position of your dreams, and facing a round of interviews where you need to perform at your peak?

Interview with real impact!

BlueSkyCoaching for Women

Are you a woman in business for yourself, juggling responsibilities to both work and family? Do you struggle to feel seen and heard in a largely male-oriented corporate environment? Are you frustrated because you’re just scratching the surface of your potential? Or are you stuck or stalled and in need of clarity so you can move forward and honor your unique purpose?

Find out more about coaching tailored especially for women!

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We did get that bid and presentation...add another ten million or to yearly income! Had to let you know!

Ryan Black New Business Solutions, Team Solutions July 19, 2016

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