Women learn to lead when they stop playing small!

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Women learn to lead when they STOP PLAYING SMALL!

“I believe that when more women learn to lead, choose to lead, and are empowered to lead, our world will be an even better place!”

--Eleni Kelakos, presence and presentation expert, women’s leadership speaker.

Do the women in your organization, association, or women’s advocacy group tend to…

  • shrug off accomplishments and abilities?
  • back off from confrontations?
  • hesitate to ask for what they need or deserve?
  • sound less mature or capable than they really are?
  • exhibit body language that diminishes their authority?

Too many remarkable women hold themselves back from making the difference they were born to make. That’s why I created STOP PLAYING SMALL– a leadership presentation for women who want to commit to their worth and purpose, so they can lead with greater influence. Not only is it motivational, but it’s filled with leadership skills, tools, and techniques that help women use their words, their voice, and their body language to let others know they mean business—especially in a workplace dominated by men.

STOP PLAYING SMALL can be presented as keynote, or as an interactive workshop or seminar.

Participants learn:

  • 10 Ways to stand out and be perceived with more authority and impact
  • How gender affects listening and communication and how to make it work for you
  • How to use your voice, words and body language to better reflect your power and command the attention you deserve.
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STOP PLAYING SMALL is a perfect fit for:

  • Women’s direct sales groups
  • Associations for women in business
  • Corporate Women’s Advocacy Group events
  • Women leaders, women aspiring to leadership positions, and those in public service
  • Any event where women come together to better themselves.

Encore! Encore!

STOP PLAYING SMALL was such a big hit with Inforum, a professional women’s alliance, they brought it back three more times. Other top-level professional women’s organizations, like The General Motors Affinity Group for Women, Women of Thomson-Reuters  and the Women’s Exchange of Washtenaw have shared STOP PLAYING SMALL with their membership, to enthusiastic reviews.

Is STOP PLAYING SMALL a good fit for your organization?

Let’s talk about bringing STOP PLAYING small to your next event!

Eleni is a truly amazing trainer. Her presentation far exceeded even my expectations. Participants left with more confidence and more drive than when they arrived.

Kathi Boyle
Program Manager, Women’s Business Center and Center for Empowerment and Economic Development (CEED)
July 19, 2016