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Eleni Kelakos Woman Keynote Speaker

Women’s Leadership Speaker – Keynote speaker, top selling author, and leading authority on female leadership

Seeking an interactive, impactful, inspirational keynote speaker or female business speaker for your next conference?

I’m Eleni – women’s leadership speaker, motivational keynote speaker, coach, trainer, presence and presentation expert, author, musician, leading authority on women’s leadership, and advocate for human potential.

Women’s conferences, business associations, and Fortune 1000 companies count on me for lively, fun, informative, heartfelt keynote presentations. Those individuals who’ve been in the audience at my hundreds of presentations and keynote addresses will tell you that I help them understand how to connect with their own strengths, tell their own stories, and embrace what makes them unique. They leave feeling inspired and empowered.

When event planners for corporate events, industry trade shows, and women’s leadership conferences are seeking a powerful female speaker, they turn to me, Eleni Kelakos, for innovative and energizing keynote presentations, breakout sessions, panel representation, and workshops.

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While I am a women’s leadership speaker, I also present often at conferences and industry associations where attendees are of both genders. As a keynote speaker, I have spoken nationally at conferences for associations and organizations that represent direct sales professionals, entrepreneurs, small business owners, health care professionals (e.g. nurses, facility administrators) and women in business/leadership. Some of those organizations include University Event Planners; Leading Age Wisconsin; The YMCA; Touchstone Crystal; Women of Thompson-Reuters; and General Motors.

What types of audiences respond best to my keynote presentations?

  • Female leaders who want to amp up their executive presence, overcome gender bias, and excel on their career paths.
  • Women business owners who want to grow their companies
  • Authors, public speakers, and other creative types who want to more fully express themselves.
  • Company leaders who want to understand the leadership differences between men and women and leverage them to their advantage.
  • Entrepreneurs who want to improve on the ways they pitch their ideas.
  • Executives and management professionals who want to inspire their teams to embrace their differences.
  • Leaders who want to be better storytellers and use stories to connect with those they lead.
  • Those embarking on or participating in women’s corporate initiatives.
  • Teams at company retreats seeking the best female motivational speaker.
  • Attendees at women’s leadership conferences and women’s leadership retreats.
  • Women’s network organizations and women’s educational events.

I hardly ever see a women’s leadership speaker at a conference. Why aren’t more women stepping up to speak on the public platform?

While organizations like TED are intentionally making it part of their mission to ensure that half of their speakers are women, other organizations (radio, TV, conferences, events) show substantial gender splits with many more men featured as speakers. In this article on The Guardian, the author explains the various reasons why so few women take the stage. She points out that women’s appearance will be scrutinized. She also notes that women are underrepresented in certain professions, so it can be difficult to find women who are qualified and available to speak.

Julie Cohen, a TED talk producer, says that TED works hard to find women in leadership positions, persuade those women to speak publically, and TED also coaches them to improve their presentations. On that note, here are 10 Talks by Women that Everyone Should Watch.

I’ll add the female voice & perspective to your next conference.

As a women’s leadership speaker, I’m on a mission to encourage (and train) as many women to step up to the speaking platform and speak their truth with power and confidence. That’s why I speak as often possible at women’s leadership retreats, women’s initiative events and women’s leadership summits.

Organizations also call on me as a female keynote speaker, female panelist, or female motivational speaker when they want the female perspective and an unabashedly female voice in a predominantly male line-up. And let’s face it – at most conferences, trade-shows, and on the speaking circuit, the presenters are often mostly male.

Event planners, audience members, and my male co-presenters appreciate my sense of humor, comedic timing, and honest and collaborative nature. They say I’m able to represent women’s perspectives in ways that are understood and embraced by all.

Seeking a women’s leadership speaker presenter to enliven your next event?

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Woman Female Keynote Speaker
Eleni Kelakos Female Woman Keynote Speaker and Coach

What do audience goers say about my keynote presentations?

Rarely do you find a speaker who captures the attention of her audience from the opening of the presentation. Your emotional—and often times humorous—presentation about your life triggered our own memories of the trials and tribulations of our lives. As you closed your program, I noticed several people were moved to tears. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us to make us all reach high to Touch the Sky.

– Revenaugh American Business Women’s Association, Women of Today Express Network

Thank you for making our American Cancer Society Relay for Life Leadership Summit the best yet! Not only did you rivet the guests to their chairs, you also riveted them to our life-saving mission. You were able to connect with each person in the audience with your tender heart and your robust words of leadership, community service and healing. Never under-estimate the ability you have to move an audience to action. You motivated our community leaders to not only Touch the Sky but to also enjoy the journey.

– Tamara Rummel, American Cancer Society

Eleni was perfect speaker to kick off our conference. People were commenting throughout the conference on what a great presentation it was. We heard remarks like "Best keynote in years! Fun, lively, uplifting, a riot...bring her back next year!

Lisa Ashley
President and CEO, Michigan Hospice and Palliative Care, DeWitt, MI
July 19, 2016