Nothing boosts interpersonal skills, trust, and connection between team members than a group training session.

This is why facilitating group training is one of my primary offerings.

I conduct my training sessions using the tools I learned in hundreds of acting classes. That means I make sure to give participants a safe space in which to play and take risks, and an experience that allows them to learn by watching, listening and—above all – doing.  Sessions are content-rich, exhilarating and fun– and designed to nudge participants out of their comfort zones and into new areas of self-expression.

I offer private, in-house training of varying lengths on topics like presentation skills, pitching techniques, or storytelling for business at your facility or a location of your choosing. (And if a webinar is easier for your team to manage, I can do that too).

I also occasionally offer training sessions, webinars, and workshops for the general public.

In-House Training (I come to you)

Are you looking for an in-house training course that can help your team of IT, sales, engineering, manufacturing, or financial specialists pitch and present with greater confidence and poise? Do your team members need help using PowerPoint slides in a way that attracts clients instead of pushing them away? Would you like your management team to learn Improvisation Skills, so they can handle a surprising question or an awkward moment in a meeting or presentation? Would you like to encourage the women in your organization to step up to leadership by offering them an empowering training course that can help them be seen and heard more with more authority?

Take a closer look at my in-house training topics.

Public Training (You come to me)

Are you an individual looking for a training course in Presentation Skills, so that you can finally manage your public speaking jitters and give that upcoming wedding toast?  Or a solo-preneur who wants to finesse your business pitch in a small group setting?  Are you searching for one or two-day workshop open to the general public where you can thoroughly explore public speaking basics and put them into practice?

Come play with me at a public training event!

Online Training (We connect remotely)

Too busy to take attend a live training experience? Interested in an online presentations skills training program where you can learn over time in bite-sized pieces?  Hoping to find an online training course in public speaking skills and performance anxiety management that combines the best of a webinar format with some personal coaching?

Check out my online training!

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Thank you again for a wonderful Think Like an Actor, Speak Like a Pro session this morning. It was not only incredibly useful and helpful for our staff, it was great fun. People could not stop talking about it all afternoon. I have had so much positive feedback, I hope we can take advantage of your great talents more in the future!

Shanna Draheim Senior Consultant, Public Sector Consultants, Lansing, MI July 19, 2016

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