Communication skills training sessions for team building, presentation skills, and leadership

Eleni at a Presentation Skills and Public Speaking Training workshop for companies

Communication Skills Training – for Teams & Leaders

Seeking communication skills training courses for more effective speaking, leading, poise and presence?

The best public speakers, presenters, company leaders, and those in the public eye often spend many hours engaging in communication skills training to develop their communication and presentation skills, body language, and poise under pressure. This is also true of professional actors–like me– who spend their lifetimes learning how to be fully present, communicate effectively and take control of their pre-show butterflies.  These Broadway and Hollywood-based acting tools and techniques,are what I use to help you learn the secrets of great communicators.

I offer training for individuals, teams, and executives to improve their communication skills and presentation skills, and navigate interpersonal communications with understanding and intention.

I’ve worked with professionals from industries across the board, providing communication skills workshops, skills training sessions, leadership training, and coaching to improve interpersonal communication, listening skills, and executive presence

Whether you’re presenting at a conference, delivering a keynote speech, pitching your business idea to investors, or managing a team, I can help you improve your communication skills, speak with impact, and drive results.

How do you want to improve your communication skills?

Are you looking for an in-house communications training course that can help your team of technical professionals, sales-people, engineers, or customer service representatives communicate with confidence? I teach skills for managers, skills for leaders, and skills for team members. Companies across the country hire me for in-house communications training programs of varying lengths at their facility or a location of their choosing. For example, I might conduct communication skills exercises at their company retreat or quarterly offsite meeting. My offerings include:

  • Think Like an Actor, Present Like a Pro: Does your team need to learn presentation techniques to speak fearlessly, memorably, and persuasively? During this highly interactive training, I teach acting techniques to help attendees improve their presentation skills on every level– from learning how to put a presentation together to delivering it in a way that fully engages their audience. This workshop can be conducted in various formats and timeframes – from a high-level 90 minute program, to a half day, full-day or two-day experience..
  • Taming the PowerPoint Monster: Do your team members need help to create presentations that attract clients instead of pushing them away (or putting them to sleep)? This communication skills training seminar teaches attendees to make and deliver effective, impactful slide presentations that ultimately keep the audience focused on what’s most important: Your message.  
  • Crafting and Telling a Story that Sells: Storytelling Techniques for More Persuasive Power: In this communication training program, attendees learn how delivering a great story can help make a service, product or presentation significantly more memorable and engaging. I share – and then deconstruct — signature stories from my own keynote presentations. Attendees present a story of their own, and receive guidance in shaping and delivering it so that it stands out and shines.
  • Flying by the Seat of Your Pants: Improvisation Techniques for Spontaneous Speaking:  Do you marvel at public speakers and leaders who can roll with the punches, and speak and act on the fly – no matter the situation? This workshop teaches improvisational techniques (like comedians and actors learn). Attendees typically laugh until they cry as they build confidence and improve communication amongst their team members.
  • Stop Playing Small! Standing Out as a Woman of Power, in Body, Word, and Deed: This session teaches attendees practical presentation and communication techniques to help them take charge, take action, and stop playing small, so that they can be perceived as the women of power they are.
  • Punch Up Your Pitches: Learn to increase the effectiveness of your entrepreneurial pitch (elevator pitch) so you can spark and build solid business relationships.
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Communication Skills Training - Presentation Skills WORKSHOPS FOR THE PUBLIC

Presentation Skills 2-Day Workshop: SkyGrabber Speaker Summit: This is a two-day public workshop designed to let you take a deep dive into nuts and bolts do’s and don’ts practices for masterful public speaking. Attendees participate in role play and theatre-based presentation techniques, work on an actual presentation, and leave the workshop with presentation skills training materials (a 90+ page workbook) and new found poise and assurance in their ability to deliver an effective presentation.

Virtual Presentation Skills Training for companies

Communication Skills Training - Presentation Skills Training Online (WEBINARS)

Think Like an Actor, Speak Like a Pro: A Five Part Live Webinar Series: The five, hour-long, comprehensive modules of this live webinar series will change the way you think about pitching and presenting!  Fee includes webinar series + a 90 page interactive e-workbook + one 60 minute pinpoint coaching session via SKYPE or in-person with Eleni Kelakos.

Presentation Skills and Public SpeakngTraining workshop with Eleni Kelakos

Communication Skills Training - PUBLIC SPEAKING TRAINING

If you have plans to advance your career as corporate executive, best-selling author, top salesperson, savvy politician, or public-facing professional, your ability to speak in front of an audience is imperative. I offer public speaking classes and speech coaching sessions for executives and teams. I also offer specialized keynote creation & delivery coaching sessions for those who need help with high stakes and/or high pressure speeches or presentations.

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Communication Skills Training for Leaders

  • Executive Presence Training: As a company leader, how successful are you at communicating a cohesive, meaningful, and inspiring message? When you attend a team meeting, board meeting, sales meeting, or media event, do you “own the room”? Executive presence is not just about your appearance. It’s about communicating as a leader with skill, sophistication, warmth, authenticity, and influence.
  • Executive Interview Training: Bring your persuasive communication skills and power as a leader to high-pressure, high-stakes interviews! Interviews for executive level positions can be intense. Stand out as the most qualified candidate for executive positions by practicing your interview skills with me.
  • Women’s Leadership Training: I work with women in business, female leaders, women executives, and professional women to get clear about their aspirations, pursue their dreams, present themselves with power and grace, speak up with confidence, and transform their lives.

Thank you again for a wonderful Think Like an Actor, Speak Like a Pro session this morning. It was not only incredibly useful and helpful for our staff, it was great fun. People could not stop talking about it all afternoon. I have had so much positive feedback, I hope we can take advantage of your great talents more in the future!

Shanna Draheim
Senior Consultant, Public Sector Consultants, Lansing, MI
July 19, 2016