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Seeking a female motivational speaker, female keynote, or women’s leadership speaker?

I’m Eleni Kelakos – keynote speaker, presentation and public speaking expert, author, trainer, female motivational speaker, and women’s business speaker. I’m a member of the National Speakers Association, a speakers bureau comprised of 3400+ thought leaders, authors, coaches, motivators, educators, humorists, and trainers. Since 2003, I’ve been a keynote speaker, leadership coach, and public speaking & presentation skills trainer. For decades before that, I was a professional actress and nationally touring singer-songwriter.  

Audiences across the country engage with my roof-raising keynotes and connect with the stories I tell about harnessing passion, purpose and presence to fulfill our potential as people, leaders and speakers. I’ve spoken on stage and trained teams at large organizations and associations (like General Motors, Allstate, the YMCA, the University of Michigan, and the American Cancer Society) and smaller-but-mighty companies like Plante-Moran, Seibels Insurance and Zingerman’s line of businesses).

Here’s an inspirational video for women and men to learn more about me.

Female motivational speaker - KEYNOTE PRESENTATIONS

Some of my original keynote speech examples include:

  • Keynote Speech: Perform at Your Peak – Executives and leaders get fired up by this keynote that inspires them to heighten their influence, impact, and performance in high stakes situations.
Eleni Kelakos Female Woman Keynote Speaker and Coach

What topics do I cover as a female motivational speaker?

At their core, my keynotes are focused on helping people overcome challenges that range from stage fright to lack of self-worth, so they can perform at their peak as leaders, speakers and human beings.  I like to use stories to teach, and tell wild tales from my past – like the time I first auditioned on Broadway and suffered such stage fright that I hit a note that sounded exactly like a goose with laryngitis. Or the time I screwed up the words to the National Anthem in front of 34,000 people at a Mets Game.

After attending my talks, audiences consistently say things like, “I walked away feeling strong, encouraged and inspired by your words of wisdom and beautiful voice. Your messages–from worthiness and celebration of one’s spirit, to making the most out of one’s life–are relevant for everyone.”

When I work with event planners and those coordinating conferences, I customize my content and stories to fit with the goals for the event. I’ll ask you about your mission, and I’ll learn as much as I can about the attributes of your target audience – who are they? What do need to hear? What motivates them? Then I will tailor my talk accordingly.

That said, here are subjects that I often address within my presentations as a female motivational speaker and keynote speaker:


  • Executive presence
  • Authentic leadership
  • Owning the room
  • Influencing and motivating teams
  • Peak performance under pressure


  • Stage fright
  • Overcoming anxiety caused by public speaking
  • Finding your voice – and using it!
  • The power of storytelling
  • How to design and deliver a memorable presentation
  • Increasing audience engagement


  • Sales presentations
  • Motivating teams
  • Entrepreneurial inspiration
  • Elevator pitches
  • Preparation and Productivity
  • Persuasion
  • Diversity in the workplace
  • Risk taking
  • Persistence– never give up!


  • Women’s leadership styles
  • Women in politics
  • Women in business
  • Life balance
  • Personal transformation
  • Finding confidence
  • Speaking your truth

What do female motivational speakers bring to the stage?

“Why aren’t there any women on the stage?”

“Why didn’t the event planners hire female speakers?”

“Where are the diverse opinions, people of color, or older people?”

“Why didn’t I see one person at that podium that represented me?

These are questions that many attendees, men and women alike, ask after attending events and conferences where most of the speakers are male, and oftentimes, mostly white. Don’t get me wrong – men certainly have wonderful insights, stories, and business experiences to share! At the same time, the more diversity you bring to the voices on stage, the more fun, engaging, and enlivening your event will be.

Women are leading companies, investing in startups and innovation, representing constituents in local and national government, and influencing neighborhoods, cities, nations, and society. Women leaders – in business, tech, science, government, the arts, and nonprofits – have accomplished amazing feats and are worthy of the spotlight.  

Women on stage are catalysts for change.

When events feature women – as female motivational speakers, women business speakers, women keynote presenters, panelists, breakout session facilitators, and conference MCs – attendees benefit from seeing and hearing balanced points of view.

There is power in diversity. When we hear stories from around the nation and around the world (by top female motivational speakers in the world, African American female speakers, and presenters with diverse backgrounds, genders, and points of view), we all benefit from more diverse, all-inclusive conversations and more exciting ideas.

And when attendees see people like themselves on stage, they identify with those speakers’ stories, and they say to themselves, “Hey, if that speaker – who is a lot like me – can do it (beat the odds, overcome adversity, and never give up) then I CAN DO IT TOO!”

Still searching for an inspiring female motivational speaker?

We need to feature more female speakers – famous female speakers (and not-at–all famous women too), female business speakers, women in the C-suite, and women in the trenches.

Event planners trust me – because I’ve delivered exactly what I promised in my talks, presentations, keynotes, and panels at hundreds of events across the United States.

Audiences trust me – because of my honesty, my stories of success and of failure, and the ways that I help them understand what’s holding them back and what can propel them forward as speakers and leaders.

If you need a female motivational speaker who…

  • Understands business, leadership, and executive presence
  • Has written an award-winning book
  • Connects well with teams (sales, marketing, customer service, engineering, healthcare)
  • Incorporates rip-roaring humor, tear-jerking tales, (and, occasionally, original songs)
  • Talks openly about people’s fears of public speaking and being in the spotlight
  • Embraces diversity and gender equity and talks passionately about it
  • Is an expert in peak performance under pressure
  • Boldly encourages women to leap into leadership and share their wisdom on the speaking platform
  • Teaches acting techniques – from years on the stage
  • Inspires audience members to realize their potential
  • Motivates, rivets, and compels
  • Is irresistibly open, fun, and human

Then look no further for your next speaker. I’m right here, and I’m ready to make your next event a big success!

Reach out to me with your questions.

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Need a female motivational speaker for a conference or meeting?

Keynote speaker and author, Eleni Kelakos, is rivetingly real, honest, and compelling.

Eleni led me through her ‘Transformational Presence’ one-on-one program over a year ago, and it continues to change my life in the deepest, most positive way. She helped me realize and address my core issues, which not only applies to giving presentations, but to all areas of life. Now I just say my ‘one word’ before a presentation, and I am relaxed, laughing, and ready to deliver with enthusiasm! I highly recommend spending time with Eleni.

Karen Himmelspach
E-Learning Course Designer and Developer, Senior Business Analyst
July 19, 2016