If you want to be a leader, you must learn to play the part.

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Executive Presence Training – Develop a more powerful, charismatic leadership presence.

You are great at your job and poised to move up the corporate ladder.

Executive presence training– it’s never been on your radar. You do, after all, produce excellent results at work. Your coworkers say you go out of your way to help the team. And your performance reviews are always stellar.

But at your last meeting with the executive team, your boss said “If you want to move into upper management, you need to improve your executive presence.” When you asked him to explain further, his reply was vague: “We all truly value your work,” he said, “but if you want to be a leader here, you need to learn to own the room. Look into getting some executive presence training, okay?”  

You left the meeting asking yourself, “What the heck is executive presence?  And why don’t my colleagues think I have it?!”

What is Executive Presence?

While the term “executive presence” or “leadership presence” has been popular for a few years in leadership circles, the definition of executive presence is rather nebulous. As this HBR executive presence article explains, even experienced senior executives struggle to explain why some people have executive presence while others do not. In general, people agree that executive presence is comprised of the following:

  • Self-confidence
  • Willingness to tackle difficult situations
  • Unflappability – able to handle pressure
  • Poise – you have calm, relaxed, and assured body language
  • Ability to communicate – one-on-one, with teams, and large groups
  • Appearance – you are well groomed and nicely dressed (you look the part)

But here’s the thing - Executive presence looks different from one executive to another because a huge part of executive presence is authenticity – those unique qualities you possess that make you YOU and allow you to be comfortable in your own skin.

Executive Presence Training – Workshops, Seminars, and Coaching to Effectively Develop Executive Presence

There are many executive presence tips, books, videos, and articles to help you learn what it takes to improve your executive presence. For example, in this short executive presence HBR video, Muriel Maignan Wilkins, coauthor of Own the Room, breaks executive presence into three essential parts:

1) Your assumptions and your mindset;

2) Your communication strategies;

3) Your ability to manage your energy and match it to each situation..

While there is no quick fix to immediately amp up your executive presence gravitas, with executive presence training you can expect to tap into your own authenticity and transform into your own best version of a leader.

Maximize your executive presence so you can speak and lead with maximum influence.

My coaching clients run the gamut. Some are running innovative small companies. Some are in C-suite positions at influential international corporations. Many are on the verge of stepping up to leadership positions of greater reach and visibility.

All of them have one thing in common: They want to achieve master-level presence and presentation skills that magnify and reflect their unique leadership style and message.

As transformational leaders, the men and women I work with are open to learning, growing, and developing themselves to the best of their abilities…much like master-level professional actors, who spend their lifetimes improving their ability to be perform at their peak under pressure.

People in leadership positions approach me for executive presence training when…

  • They need help finding words and ways to motivate their under-performing team.
  • They’ve received feedback that they’re aloof or difficult to relate to and want to become more approachable.
  • They to want to “own the room” when they speak to their team or give critical speeches at large public events.
  • They want, for once and for all, to define and project their unique leadership style… the style that reflects who they are at their core. As one of my clients put it, “I want to define, speak, and embody a solid message that inspires others and reflects who I really am as a leader.”

What about you?  What area of your leadership presence needs development in order for you to perform at your peak with eyes on you?

Let me help you fire up the troops with a confident presence that gets instant buy-in and a message that has lasting impact!

The Leadership Presence Mastery Coaching Process:

The executive presence training program I’ve developed helps you improve your presence, craft and polish your presentation skills, and connect and communicate more authentically.

Here’s how I work with you:

  1. First, we examine the gap between how you are perceived and how you see yourself as a leader, so we can determine the leader you want to be as well as your authentic leadership style.
  2. Then we determine the assets we need to maximize and the liabilities we need to minimize, so you can reach your leadership potential.
  3. Finally, we develop the verbal, physical, and energetic presence that inspires the people you lead. This can include creating and finessing high-level keynotes or presentations—because great leaders need to be great communicators.

This executive presence training process is founded on my Five Principles of Transformational PresenceKnow Thyself, Be Thyself, Prepare Thyself, Commit Thyself, and Turn Thyself on, so you can Turn Others On.

The Results:

  • Increased confidence, which encourages those you lead to throw their support behind you.
  • Increased clarity, which helps your team know what they’re there to do, making them more willing to take action.
  • Increased authenticity and relatability, which generates in others a greater sense of trust, belonging, and desire to connect with and support your vision, initiative or big idea.

Develop executive presence, command the room, and fulfill your leadership potential with executive presence training and coaching. Contact me today!

Eleni is the professional wake-up call to you need to step up and be the leader you know you can be. Her program was the perfect combination of interactive and participatory while tying in the leadership training and motivational skills our customers needed to hear. She was obviously well-researched, personalizing her keynote and training for our members. Most importantly, she was willing to work with us on the fine details of the event to insure that everything came off without a hitch.

Julie Abshire
2012 Training Director, Michigan Jaycees
July 19, 2016