Group training is a great way to build professional skills while boosting trust and connection between your team members.

To that end, I offer private, in-house training of varying lengths at your facility or a location of your choosing. And if a webinar is easier for your team to manage, I can do that too.

Sessions are content-rich, exhilarating and fun– and designed to nudge participants out of their comfort zones and into new areas of self-expression.

Topics include Presentation Skills training, PowerPoint best practices, Storytelling for Business, Pitching Techniques for more effective networking, and Improvisation tools for spontaneous speaking.   I also offer Stop Playing Small, a training for women who want to be seen and heard more effectively in the workplace.

Sound intriguing?  Take a closer look at my training topics and descriptions, below:

Think Like an Actor, Present Like a Pro

(Please note:  This is my most requested signature program, and an excellent foundation for the sessions that follow it. The description below applies to a one-day or two-day in-depth workshop, with an intentionally limited number of attendees. This training can also be conducted as a higher-level seminar modified to fit a 90 minute to 3-hour time slot for larger groups).

To stand out from your competition and move your business forward during these challenging times, it’s essential that you are able to pitch your product or service with confidence and clarity—whether you’re speaking to one person, or one thousand.  To that end, this training segment features presentation techniques to help you speak fearlessly, memorably, and persuasively, igniting what I call your Transformational Presence.  Attendees will deliver a short prepared presentation in front of the assembled group.  I’ll work with them to finesse their presentation and help them better understand their strengths and liabilities as presenters. And, in the tradition of great theatre training, attendees will learn by doing and by observing one another in action.

Participants  Learn:

  • “We’re Going to Disneyland”:  How to structure an effective presentation.
  • The Five Principles of Transformational Presence.
  • Preparation and rehearsal techniques to increase confidence and engagement.
  • Taming  the Fear Factor:  How to minimize and manage performance anxiety (breathing and relaxation basics).
  • How and why to create an individualized “Presentation Preparation Toolkit.”
  • Techniques to increase audience interaction, attention and buy-in.

Taming the PowerPoint Monster

Technology (especially PowerPoint and slide software) has invaded our presentations in a big way, often overshadowing the actual presenter.  It’s time to tame the PowerPoint monster and to put the presenter front and center, where she belongs!

This training provides tools and techniques to make slide presentations—and technology in general– work for and not against you. Participants will prepare and present a short slide presentation, which will be thoroughly critiqued and evaluated.

Participants learn:

  • Tools and techniques to shape and create a memorable and powerful PowerPoint presentation.
  • Why less really is more.
  • Technology etiquette and best practices.
  • How to make charts and numbers palatable and memorable.

How to use visuals to make presentation come alive. Simple techniques to help men and women hear each other with less friction and more understanding (yes, there are gender differences!

Crafting and Telling a Story that Sells: Storytelling Techniques for More Persuasive Power

Human beings have been telling stories since we could grunt, gesture, and scribble pictures on the walls of our caves.  It’s in our nature (and in the way our brains are structured) to put our experiences into words and use those stories to entertain, instruct, and persuade others.  The fact is, people remember a story that has moved and engaged them long after they remember a fact or figure.  In a world glutted with products and services, stories are the way we help to contextualize and differentiate what we’re selling, so that it stands out from all the rest.

In this session, I demonstrate and explain the value and method of creating and delivering a story that can help make a service, product or presentation significantly more memorable and engaging. I share – and then deconstruct — signature stories from my own keynote presentations, modeling the very tools and techniques that I then teach you. Attendees  present a story of their own, and receive guidance in shaping and delivering it so that it stands out and shines.

You’ll learn:

  • The 9 Essential Building Blocks of Stellar Story Structure
  • The 5 Principles of Transformational Presence
  • 10 Ways to Tell a Story Better so it Sticks and Sells
  • How to Capture, Practice and Perfect Your Story

Flying by the Seat of Your Pants: Improvisation Techniques for Spontaneous Speaking

Our world and our work are filled with unpredictable moments:  Potential clients lob mind-bending questions at us when we’re least prepared; the slide projector dies in the middle of a presentation; and audience members interrupt us when we least expect it.  Our ability to improvise in a nimble manner, to speak and act quickly and decisively on the fly, can allow us make the best of an unexpected situation.  Being fully and genuinely in the moment is necessary if you want to sell better, lead better, and speak better… and it’s a vital element of Transformational Presence, my defining philosophy.

This fun, extremely interactive training segment uses traditional Improvisation techniques and exercises to encourage you to leap fearlessly and gleefully into the moment, and to make, trust and act upon quick, strong choices.  The exercises encourage you to step fully into the moment and creatively solve the task at hand.  Glee abounds, energy soars, laughter rocks the house, comfort zones are breached, and confidence is built.  And working together with others towards a desired outcome encourages a greater degree of flexibility, patience, and communication between team members.

Attendees learn:

  • The Building Blocks of Improvisation
  • “There’s Freedom in the Form”: Why structure matters
  • The Power of a Strong Choice
  • How to increase trust and connection by listening better and being present

STOP PLAYING SMALL!  Standing Out as a Woman of Power, in Body, Word and Deed

As women in business, it’s in our best interest to lead out with power, passion and conviction—to stand up for what we believe and stand out in all our magnificence.  Instead, and all too often, we shrink to fit, capitulate when challenged, apologize for our strengths and abilities, and diminish our unique voice.   It’s time to take charge, take action and stop playing small!  This session will teach attendees practical presentation and communication techniques to help them do just that, so that they can be perceived as the women of power they are.

Attendees learn:

  • 10 Ways to stand out and be perceived with more authority and impact
  • How gender affects listening and communication and how to make it work for you
  • How to use your voice, words and body language to better reflect your power and command the attention you deserve.

Click here for more info and a video of excerpts from Stop Playing Small.

Punch Up Your Pitches

You’re at yet another networking event, extending your business card to yet another prospect, and they ask the inevitable question: “What do you do?”  How you respond will either attract or repel them.  Which outcome would you prefer?

In this roller coaster economy, you can’t afford to let a ho-hum, confusing or robotic pitch drive away a potential client or customer.  This session will change the way you think about your Elevator Pitch (or Elevator Overture (E.O.), as I like to call it).  You’ll be encouraged to find new, more effective ways of phrasing, communicating and delivering your Elevator Overtures so that they catalyze conversations that build into lucrative business relationships.

 Participants Learn:

  • How (and why) to craft a compelling pitch/Elevator Overture
  • How to focus a pitch and increase engagement by employing a strong intention
  • Four new pitching models that will make pitches/Elevator Overtures more fun, more human, more memorable and more effective.

Take Your Team Higher!

Want Eleni to take your team to new levels of presence and presentation power?

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Working with Eleni Kelakos was an amazing experience. I can’t imagine a coach and trainer who’s more creative and caring; direct yet delicate; funny but firm, respectful yet not afraid to say what really needs to be said. There’s no question that our commencement speech—to 50,000 people at Michigan Stadium—was significantly stronger because of Eleni’s insight, encouragement and (always constructive) suggestions. I feel completely confident saying that any client that engages her services will significantly improve the quality of any presentation they’re going to give! If you want to turn insecurity and uncertainty into excellence, call—and listen to—this kind and talented woman!

Ari Weinzweig CEO, Zingerman’s July 19, 2016

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