Five principles for presence under pressure

Great actors and great leaders are remarkably alike.

Both radiate a confident and magnetic vocal, physical and energetic Transformational Presence that inspires others to trust them, and to follow them.

Both consistently perform at their peak under immense pressure and scrutiny, managing with ease the fears or negative beliefs that could stop them from sharing their wisdom, message, or big idea with others.

And both are committed to practices that, over time, and with conscious application, develop presence mastery.

Presence mastery– the ability to be consistently real, relaxed and radiantly present in performance situations (meetings, conversations, presentations) when the stakes are high and eyeballs are on you—is something I struggled mightily to achieve during auditions as a young actress in New York City. For a long, tough, time, my auditions were woefully inconsistent, with a yo-yoing level of presence and performance.

Fortunately, master acting teachers came to my rescue, teaching me methods to expand my unique presence, manage my performance anxiety, and perform under pressure with a greater degree of confidence and consistency. Those methodologies changed my work, and my life. And they formed the foundations of the 5 Principles of Transformational Presence—the path to presence mastery—I teach business leaders today.

In this interactive keynote, I share those methodologies and the stories that shaped them, encouraging audience members to commit to the path of presence mastery, so they can speak, lead and share their big idea with a confident, consistent presence that moves hearts, minds, and mountains.

PERFORM AT YOUR PEAK is always customized to reflect your organization’s needs and focus.

This program is perfect for:

  • Visionary leaders who want to use their words to change their world and convey their big ideas with confidence.
  • Senior management who want a greater clarity, confidence and authenticity in their leadership presence.
  • Managers who are struggling to “own the room” in meetings or presentations.
  • Sales teams seeking to raise the level of confidence & consistency in their pitches/presentations.
  • Authors , consultants/coaches and thought leaders who want to increase their visibility by confidently sharing their big idea with large audiences.
  • Organizations dedicated to advocating for a global policy, cause or mission.

The audience will leave with:

  • 3 Principles for Presence and performance Mastery.
  • Techniques that minimize “The Lies That Bind” (limiting beliefs/behaviors) so they can perform with confidence under pressure.
  • The F.B.I. preparation and recovery technique for managing stressful spotlight moments.
  • The 4 Questions to assure continued development and growth.

Sound like a good fit?

I’d be happy to talk with you about potentially speaking to your group.

Eleni's presentation at our Fall conference was a big success. Her professionalism and ability to incorporate humor, music and inspiration made the entire event exceptional. We've never before experienced a speaker willing to go so much out of their way to learn about who we are and the stressors of the job the way Eleni did.

Andy Crisenbery
Past President, Michigan Family Support Council, Jackson, MI
July 19, 2016