It’s conference season again.

Are you ready and able to deliver the big keynote, breakout session or seminar that is going to put you, your company, or your service on the tip of everyone’s tongue?

When it comes to improving public speaking and presentation skills, there’s typically a lot at stake, both personally and professionally. I often hear prospective coaching clients say things like this:

“I’ve been avoiding public speaking opportunities at work for years, and it’s starting to affect my ability to be promoted.”

“If I don’t get better at managing my anxiety when I give a presentation, I’ll not only keep losing sales, I could lose my job.”

“I don’t know how to put together or deliver a presentation that can motivate my team.”

 “I just want to be able to think clearly and be myself when other people are looking at me.

 “If I don’t get better at “owning the room” in meetings and presentations, my clients and colleagues are never going to take me seriously, and my ideas will go to waste.”

 “I’m going to be delivering a critical presentation at a major conference, and I’m worried I’m going to blow it.”

Whether you’re delivering a breakout session, keynote speech, seminar, or webinar, or even sharing your thoughts in a meeting, public speaking is a vital part of doing business and being perceived as an effective leader.  It’s can also be incredibly stressful—no matter how experienced you are as a speaker.

The fact is, the less confidence you have as a public speaker, the more you’re apt to avoid opportunities to speak in public. And the less you speak in public, the less confidence you have as a public speaker. It’s a vicious cycle. The only way to break this cycle, improve your presentation skills, and ratchet up your public speaking confidence is to take the time to examine and address what’s stopping you from showing up, speaking up, and stepping up in the first place.

That’s why I offer personalized, one-on-one presentation skills coaching, tailored to your specific needs—sessions designed to help you to gently come face-to-face with your strengths and limitations. So you can bolster what’s working, minimize what isn’t, and ultimately bring your most confident, real, and best self to your presentations.

Here’s how it works…

We meet in my quiet, private office, away from eyes and ears—or by phone or Skype. You can choose a coaching plan that works for your busy schedule, and that ranges from individual 90-minute Pinpoint Sessions to my popular 6-session coaching packages.  For an even deeper dive, you can also choose the Transformational Presence Coaching Package, a 9-session, soup-to-nuts training curriculum complete with workbook and audio materials.

No matter which coaching option you choose, I take you through a three-part process:

  1. Identifying beliefs and habits that are holding you back.
  2. Replacing limiting beliefs with ones that are more effective.
  3. Applying these new beliefs and behaviors in real-time speaking situations.

We’ll use videotaping and audio recording, role-playing/simulation, discussion, scripts and monologues, improvisation, and written, creative exercises that stimulate insight and self-awareness, to help you find your unique voice as a speaker.

After each session, you’ll leave with specific “homework” to complete that will further extend the development occurring in your coaching sessions. When our time together is complete, we will have built with a customized toolkit of presentation preparation tools that you can use for the rest of your life.

Ready to take your speaking to another level?

Who you are and what you’re here to do matters. Don’t let your big idea, wisdom, or expertise go unexpressed because of fear, discomfort, or inexperience as a speaker.

“But Eleni, I don’t have the budget for individual coaching!”

Let’s have a conversation before you make that assumption!

And if individual coaching really isn’t a fit for your budget, I do have other options
that might be just right for you -like my Transformational Presence Self-Study
Program… or my 30 Day Fearless Speaking AVANOO audio-visual program.

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Your coaching is the gift that keeps on giving!

Yale Zhang SpLtz July 19, 2016

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