You’re an author, a coach, a visionary entrepreneur, or a thought leader with a big idea you want to share with the world.

You know you need to put together a killer keynote that can help you move that idea out into the world with the greatest impact at national or international conferences.  But you’re not quite sure how to put that keynote together. Or maybe you’ve taken a stab at a rough keynote draft, and need help finessing and rehearsing it so you can deliver it with the greatest impact.

The two phases of Keynote Coaching – Content and Creation – can guide you through that process.

PHASE ONE: Keynote Content

The process of Keynote creation begins with determining the blueprint of the keynote that is going to best serve your audience needs and reflect your expertise.  In this phase, we will:

  • Define your idea audience.
  • Identify the problem you’re there to solve on behalf of your audience.
  • Pinpoint your specific keynote theme (or intention).
  • Develop a structured, detailed framework of the presentation, from opening or closing.

This phase is complete once I have turned the contents of the whiteboard outline/notes we have brainstormed together into a basic, implementable, written outline, and thoroughly reviewed that outline with you in a final session.

Phase One can be completed via in-person or Skype sessions. The process (including transcription/completion and review of the final document) takes approximately 18 hours. Scheduling is determined on a per-client basis.

PHASE TWO: Keynote Delivery

Once the keynote outline is developed, it’s time to deepen and finesse the stories and content, and get your keynote on its feet. During a series of rehearsals, with me as your director, you will:

  • Develop and finesse your signature stories.
  • Streamline and strengthen your performance (minimizing any vocal or physical liabilities).
  • Learn how to internalize (vs. memorize) the material.
  • Determine the strongest, most effective performance choices possible (both in staging and delivery).
  • Effectively rehearse the material for optimum engagement, flow, and impact.

Phase Two is most effective via in-person sessions (some clients opt to fly in and spend a day or two with me), though it can be implemented via Skype.  Like Phase One, it involves 18 hours of coaching, with scheduling determined on a per-client basis.


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Eleni’s professional assistance in creating my keynote was invaluable. Her expertise as an actress helped take my signature stories from satisfactory to spectacular! She provided a clear and compelling model for structuring my presentation that made the process much less overwhelming. I especially appreciate how she honed and tweaked my ideas while keeping my authentic voice intact. She provided excellent advice on where to trim my content and which points to accentuate to make my presentation more powerful. Eleni was a joy to work with and went above and beyond to bring my vision to fruition. My keynote was a smashing success thanks to her expert coaching. My time spent with her was more than worth the investment.

Kristi Davis Professional Keynote Speaker and Author of "Kick High" and "Be Spectacular!" July 19, 2016

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