In these turbulent economic times, standing out and being heard above a larger crowd of competitors is more crucial than ever before.

When clients come to me for job interview skills coaching, they often say one of the following things:

“I’m getting interviews, but no callbacks? What’s wrong with me?”

“I haven’t had to go on a job interview in years! Can you help me brush up my skills?”

“I always shut down and shut up in job interviews. How can I be more relaxed and real?”

“I’m graduating from college and going on my first interviews. How do I help myself make my best, most confident, professional impression?”

In these turbulent economic times, standing out and being heard above a larger crowd of competitors is more crucial than ever before. You need to be able to bring your most relaxed, confident, and prepared self to your job interviews, so that you will be remembered and hired.

Show up fully in high-stakes situations.

Having interviewed and auditioned for hundreds of acting jobs throughout my history as a professional performer, I know what it takes to show up fully under enormous pressure in high-stakes situations. I’ll share those techniques with you in private, individual coaching sessions in which you will:

  • Get focused and clear about what you need and want to convey to your potential employer, so they really get what you have to offer.
  • Hone your interview skills through role-playing exercises that simulate an interview situation—in person, or via phone or Skype.
  • Make sure that your words, your wardrobe and your body language all work together to support your unique, professional presence.
  • Learn breathing and relaxation techniques that can help you stay confident and calm before and during your interview.

And if part of your interview involves making a formal presentation, I’ll work with you to bring it to a whole new level of persuasive power.

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I was just reflecting with someone the other day on the fact that the money that our firm spent to sponsor time for M___________ to work with you to develop her leadership presence was the best investment our firm has ever made! She continues to be a rock star at our firm; and while I give her most (or at least some) of the credit, there is no question that the work the two of you did together has paid off tremendously. Thank you for that, and for working with others at our firm.

Dennis Graham Lead Partner- Transaction Advisory Services Team, Firmwide Leader- Private Equity Group Practice. Plante & Moran, Southfield, MI July 19, 2016

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