Coaching for women.
Use your words and wisdom to change the world.

Let’s get something straight:  I like and respect men enormously, and work regularly with them in coaching and training relationships.

That said, I do have a special fire burning in my breast when it comes to supporting and working with women. That’s because I believe our world desperately needs the wise, insightful, and grounding energy that women have in abundance.

If you are a woman reading this, let me be blunt:  You are not here to play small. You are here to make the most of the gifts and talents you’ve been given, in service to this planet. If you choose, you can do more than just lean in to leadership, you can step in with both feet! You can use your words –and your wisdom– to change your world!

That’s why I created Blue Sky Coaching for women—a hybrid of leadership, life, presence, and career coaching especially for women. Blue Sky Coaching is for women who want to stand out, be heard and move forward in their lives or in their careers—women who want to reclaim their voice, their dreams and their potential.

Blue Sky Coaching can help you feel more confident, more focused, more clear and more committed to realizing your purpose—even if the dishes need doing, the kids are yanking at your sleeves, and your work is piling up like the dirty laundry.

Blue Sky Coaching can also help you literally take up more space—physically and vocally—to command the attention you deserve, using the tried and true methods I’ve developed as a successful presence and presentation skills coach and trainer

All coaching clients begin with a Blue Sky Coaching Basic package, which acts as a springboard to Blue Sky Coaching Plus.

Blue Sky Coaching – Basic

In a nutshell, Blue Sky Coaching Basic helps you figure out where you are, what you want, and where you want to go.

Here’s what it includes:

  • Six 90-minute individual coaching sessions—in person, by Skype or by telephone. During these sessions, you will: Find and focus your Passion and Purpose; examine your inner and outer obstacles; determine the members of your support team; define a clear and compelling vision; and develop a daily plan that you can work with Consistent Persistence!
  • One Touch the Sky Success System (30 Days and 30 Ways to TOUCH THE SKY” Journal, with Motivational Musings, TOUCH THE SKY CD single and TOUCH THE SKY Daily Task Pad and Touch the Sky: Find Your Voice, Speak Your Truth, Make Your Mark book).
  • Weekly e-mail motivation with Eleni’s Monday Morning Musings.
  • Unlimited (within reason!) e-mail exchange through the length of the coaching period.

Blue Sky Coaching – Plus

Once you’ve been through Blue Sky Coaching Basic, it’s time for me to support you over time in your efforts to take daily, consistent steps towards your goals.  Depending on where you are and what you need, there are three ways we can do this:

  • The Perfect 10: Ten 90 minute pinpoint coaching sessions over the course of twelve months
  • 30-30: One 30-minute session every 30 Days
  • Individual Pinpoint Sessions as needed

Each of these options includes reasonable e-mail support between sessions.

Want to know more about Blue Sky Coaching?

Talk with Eleni to find out if this coaching (especially for women) is right for YOU!

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Working with Eleni is a warm, supported, guided tour of self-discovery. I am more "me" because of Eleni. Our encounters create a stronger, more confident version of who I innately am. When I'm stuck, when I'm scared to present or share my heartfelt work, I hear Eleni's voice encouraging me.

Karen Andrews CEO, The Andrews Group July 19, 2016

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