Dealing With Dueling Dualities

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The holiday season is full of dueling dualities that can often prove confusing. For example, you can feel both exhilarated by the hustle and bustle of shopping and socializing, and overwhelmed by it at the same time. Or you can feel both grateful for the friends and family that surround you, and wistful for times past shared with folks no longer on this earthly plane.

Dualities are a certainly part of the two things I am most passionate about: Deepening and widening your presence on this planet by fulfilling your passionate purpose; and using your words to change the world by taking the risk to speak on a public platform.

When I’m working with my presentation skills coaching clients, for example, describing the state of physical and mental readiness to strive for in a public speaking scenario, I say “Be relaxed, but ready like an athlete at the starting line” or “Be nervous but excited.” I also find myself repeating the phrase “You can be brave AND scared at the same time.” And I since I am always advocating taking the risk to be vulnerable in front of an audience, I say “There’s strength in vulnerability.”

And when I’m standing in front of a large audience, sharing my Touch the Sky motivational keynote, at its heart is the idea of being both daunted AND determined when striving to actualize your potential and running into life’s invariable obstacles.

Exhilarated and overwhelmed.

Grateful and wistful.

Relaxed, but ready

Nervous, but excited

Scared and brave.

Vulnerable and strong.

Daunted and determined.

Dualities don’t have to be conflicting, if you’re willing to be genuinely present with both sides of the coin, so to speak. I have seen the most remarkable growth and personal development occur in clients willing to embrace– and learn from– the dualities I’ve described above.

You can be—or feel—two things at the same time, and it doesn’t have to stop you from moving forward or performing at your best. This holiday season, embrace both the tears and the laughter, the calm and the frenzy, the comfort and the discomfort with equal measure. Know that—even with a gut full of butterflies—you can still move forward towards greater peace, prosperity or public speaking prowess.