Feeling Blue? Blah? Take Action!

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We all have days when we’re broadsided by Fear, which masquerades as the Blues and the Blahs. Days when the last thing we feel like doing is leaping out of bed and conquering the world. When hiding in the basement with a pint of chocolate Haagen Daz ice cream seems like the most manageable option in an unmanageable world.

And we lie there, eyes resolutely shut, twisted in the sheets, thinking about all those people relying on us to eschew our blues and get a move on: Bosses. Children. Employees. We have obligations, darn it all. And somehow, impossible as it seems, we need to put one foot in front of the other and get going.

Actually, putting one foot in front of the other is exactly what you need to do to shake yourself out of the grip of fear. Because it’s your inactivity that helps Fear grow stronger. The fact is, Fear cannot hit a moving target. So you need to move, sometimes literally. Take one step. And then another little step. Because one little step, one little action, moves you from “here”, to “there”. And movement forward is movement forward, even if it’s only an inch.

This week, when you catch yourself feeling stuck, stopped, blue, or blah, chose to take a simple action. Get out of bed. Move from one room to the next. Go outside and walk around the block. Lay on the grass in the sun, and feel the warm, solid support of Mother Earth. Reach out to friend or a loved one for support, or even a good cleansing cry. Grab your journal and let your feelings pour out of your pen and onto the paper.

Do one little thing. And then another little thing. And then another little thing. Soon, you’ll be on your way to feeling that much better, and that much more willing to seize the day, and the moment.


–Recall a time when fear kept you stuck in it's jaws. Do you remember what action you took to disengage from you being stuck? Why do you think taking that action helped you?

–What sorts of simple activites could you engage in that could help you move gently but delberatly out of a fear-induced funk? Make a list of these activities and resolve to engage in one the next time you feel brroadsided by fear.