Trust the Tingles. Trust the Churn.

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Multiple award-winning actress, Cicely Tyson (Roots; Sounder;The Autobiography of Miss Jane PIttman) has a very simple way of determining whether a script is right or not. If her skin tingles when she reads it, she knows it's something she's meant to do. If, however, her stomach churns, she knows the script is not for her. Either her skin tingles or her stomach churns, one or the other. And she always goes with what makes her skin tingle.

We've all been there,

at the cusp of choice:

Do I go left or right?

Do I take this job or not?

Do I go out with this guy or not? Do I choose to tell this personal story during my presentation or not?

Do I choose to go back to school and get my masters degree or not?

Too often, we get overwhelmed when we need to make a choice. That's because we get stuck in our heads, where Moe and Schmoe, our little self-judging naysayers live. Moe and Schmoe bombard us with negative messages, confusing us and causing resistance. We think and think and think, when, we should, instead, be feeling, feeling, feeling.

That's why I like Ms. Pittman simple system of determining if something is right for her. It relies on what she feels not on what she thinks. It relies on trusting the tingles (and what I like to call “the Cosmic Goosebumps.”) and the churn. The tingles and the churn never lie. You know you're rubbing up against something that is right for you when your get tingly. You know you’re rubbing up against something that’s wrong for you when your stomach churns.

But here's the thing:

Too often, our skin tingles and we ignore it completely.

Too often, our stomachs churn, and we ignore it completely.

Then we look back with regret:

“I knew I should have taken that class!” we moan.

“I knew I should have never taken him on as a client!” we sigh.

Are you willing to trust how you feel, in your heart, in your gut?

When something makes your skin tingle, are you willing to leap in with both feet?

When something your stomach churn, are you willing to walk away from it?

You are gifted with innate wisdom and knowing.

Trust the tingles. Trust the churn.

Because nobody knows what you know– or what you need– better than you do.


Can you remember a time when you felt those “tingles” (the “cosmic goosebumps”)? Did you act on them? Did you you choose to do (or do more of) the thing that gave you the tingles?

Can you remember a time when you felt :”the churn” around a choice you needed to make? Did you choose to honor the churn by stepping away?

Do you make it a habit of honoring the tingles or the churn?

If you have a habit of choosing to align yourself with choices that make your stomach churn, why do you think this is so? What could you do to make more choices that align you with your tingles?