Ideas Rule, Your Words Matter

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Once in a while I feel compelled to climb up onto a soapbox and speak my piece.
So, here goes:
The reason to honor my Fourth Commandment of Great Acting, Great Speaking and Great Leadership, Turn Thyself On So You can Turn Others On, is because your message is important! Your audience deeply needs to hear it, whatever it may be. And it order for them to hear it, you have to be able to convey it with enthusiasm and conviction.
In this information age, whe

re ideas rule, your ability to communicate ideas succinctly, memorably and effectively will determine your success. I cannot stress this enough.

Look at it like this: You may have the most brilliant idea/product/service imaginable, but if you are unable to it convey clearly energetically and persuasively it will remain undiscovered and unused.
Worst of all, the people who could most benefit from it will miss out on its benefits.
Presentations that touch people’s hearts, offer novel ideas and insights and are memorably conveyed get people talking and taking action. Just look at the incredible success of the TED talks that have revolutionized the way people give, receive and perceive presentations. They’ve also moved millions of people worldwide into action that has changed lives. (— take a look at two radically different but brilliant
presentations by Brene Brown (14,403,579 views) and David Christian (3,511,157 views).
If you want people to pay attention to your ideas, if you want to make your unique difference in the world, it is absolutely
essential that you ignite your passionate purpose, invoke your inner performer and embody your Transformational Presence.
Your words are powerful.
Use them to help the audiences you serve.
Use your words to change your world.
If you could only “get on a soapbox” in front of an audience once more– your proverbial “Last Lecture”– what would you want to say? What message would you absolutely need to convey? And to whom would you want to convey this “Last Lecture?” Who would be your ideal audience, and why?
The more clearly you can answer these questions, the clearer, more compelling your words will be.