Boost Your Business Through Public Speaking

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As a public speaking coach, consultant and trainer, I am passionate about helping business owners overcome performance anxiety and deliver impactful speeches to groups both large and small. I believe in the power of well-chosen, well-delivered words to move others into thinking, feeling and action. And there’s nothing I like better than working with visionary leaders who want to use their words to change their world.

Take Rom LaPointe, the president of i3Logic (, a company that provides learning programs that enhance skills, reinforce change initiatives and allow learners to build their confidence so they can perform successfully. Rom was urged by a mentor to develop and deliver a signature keynote speech as a career and leadership objective. This signature presentation would allow Rom to share with other high-level entrepreneurs his unique perspective on leadership, and encourage them to reach their peak potential—a mission close to Rom's heart..

Rom made the personal and professional commitment to develop this signature keynote, and to do it within a year’s time. Then he reached out to me to help him make his signature speech a reality. First we worked together to get clear and focused about the message he wanted to deliver. Then, we worked to fashion an impactful presentation that allowed Rom to bring his easygoing, storytelling, authentic self to the fore. Once the bones and content of the keynote were in place, I worked with Rom on finessing his delivery. Sharing the tried-and-true techniques I learned during my years a professional actor—and that I use today as a professional speaker– I worked with Rom to effectively harness his considerable natural presence, his relaxed sense of humor, and his deep desire to uplift and motivate others.

The process of brainstorming, creating and finessing his presentation—which took the better part of a year, and was often challenging—allowed for a surprising and satisfying degree of personal growth. Rom had to overcome a mild fear of public speaking as well as his concern that a busy personal and professional schedule might continuously prevent him from completing his speech. And, like most people, he had to replace some old habits and beliefs that were limiting his impact as a speaker with ones that made him more effective.

Rom's willingness to stay the course paid off in a big way. When he finally delivered the speech to three hundred business executives at a University of Michigan leadership seminar, Rom was thrilled with the outcome. The audience was thoroughly engaged, asking thoughtful questions. And Rom came away excited about the degree of education, entertainment and inspiration he’d been able to achieve within the confines of a brief keynote speech. In addition, the speech allowed him to give back to — as well as subtly market to– a business community that could potentially employ 13Logic's services. Personal growth, increased business visibility, and the satisfaction of knowing his words had inspired others to greater heights — these were the rich payoffs of Ron’s commitment to the development and the delivery of his signature speech.

What about you? Do you, like Rom, run a business with a service or product you’re proud to stand behind? Are you passionate about what you do and why you do it? Do you have a message you’d like to share with others from the wider reach of the speaking platform?

If your answer to those questions is a resounding “yes!” then I suggest you take Rom’s lead: Commit to crafting a killer keynote speech you can’t wait to present! And don’t shy away from getting the professional help you need to do it right (and to get it done. Because committing to a series of regular coaching appointments will keep you on track and accountable.

Remember, there is only one of you. No one is better prepared to shape and share your unique experience and expertise. No one can deliver your unique message better than you can. You have the ability to use your words to move others into action. Don’t let procrastination, fear of public speaking, or uncertainty about how, exactly, to put together a signature speech keep you from sharing your unique message with the world.

Because the world is waiting. For you.

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